Survival 1.16 Reset Information

Hey everyone! This is the moment you've all been anticipating for a little while now, and that's why we're excited to announce that the Survival Realm is resetting very soon! This means the map will be wiping completely, and you get to start fresh - with awesome new custom additions as well as 1.16 version features!

Realm Information

The new Survival map will be released this Friday, October 23rd @ 1:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 6:00 PM BST.

Of course, with a brand new reset, comes a shiny new spawn. Take a look at what you can expect to see below:

Custom Monuments

We've spent months working on a brand new feature for you all to enjoy - while exploring the map on the Survival Realm, you will come across some of our new Custom Monuments. These monuments can't be found on normal vanilla Minecraft, but like vanilla monuments they contain loot chests for you to plunder. Their locations are entirely procedurally generated, so you can find them across the entire map and any map expansions will bring along access to freshly generated monuments!

You'll need to keep an eye out for some of these monuments, as some can lay hidden among the terrain and you'll have to mine or dig to get to the treasure. You can break blocks in the monuments but they'll regenerate over time, along with the treasure inside them. You also won't be able to claim land around most monuments.

Monuments will range from easy to see buildings like windmills and lighthouses, to harder to find shipwrecks, plane crashes or hidden bunkers and vaults. We've added over a dozen new monuments for this reset - here's just a few of them which you can find on Survival after the reset:


You can create Teams for you and your friends to join! To create your very own team of players, simply do /team and click on the Create Team option.

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Creating a team has a lot of perks including role customization for team members, upgrades, vaults, banks and more - all of which you can find in the /teams menu.

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Team leaders can create per-claim permissions for specific users and give them certain roles, with team members being able to claim multiple separate regions of land. Every player has their own balance of Claimblocks that they can deposit into their team, so that the team can claim more land. You can also set up warps to these different claimed areas for just you and your team to use. This is separate to Player Warps, which we'll talk about now.

Player Warps

You can now create your own warps to allow other players to visit, through /playerwarps or /pw menu. Player warps can be sorted using the filter by number of visits, number of unique visits, rating, name or owner name, so you can find a warp easily.

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You can also rent Playerwarp displays at spawn for 24 hours, to show off your warp and allow other players to visit it easily. All players can rate other player's warps out of 5 and the rating will be shown on the warp's information.

Jobs & Skills

You can now complete jobs to get rewards. Simply find the Task Master at spawn and ask for a job! Once you've completed your job, return to them and claim your reward.

We understand that mcMMO and Skill levels are an important part of Survival and that's why the realm now uses to the newest version of mcMMO, which comes with a lot of updates and quality of life changes that you'll be excited to see.

Just a few of the updates are as follows:

  • mcMMO no longer spams your chat, most messages are sent to your action bar instead.
  • mcMMO now scales from levels 1 - 100.
  • Skills start at level 1.
  • Skills that are not yet unlocked will show up as ??? until learned.
  • Many skills now make use of a rank system. This means that the abilities that you do as a result of a Skill, will activate/deal more damage/be more effective the higher the skill's rank.
  • Skill Super Abilities now use a rank system, the default rank to unlock is level 5. Activating Super abilities plays a sound.
  • mcMMO now notifies you when you progress in a skill.
  • Skills can now be clicked on and hovered over for more information.
  • Swords no longer require blocking with a shield to trigger counter attacks.
  • Sword's Bleed has been renamed to Rupture.
  • Sword's Serrated Strikes now uses your Rupture rank to determine the damage/ticks for its bleed effect. As well as this, it deals 50% more damage at above Rank 3 and can last much longer.
  • Furnaces now give XP to the last person to modify their inventory instead of the first person to open them
  • A lot of sound cues have been added to alert you of something mcMMO related taking place.
  • ...and many many more changes!


The economy on Survival will mostly be a player driven economy, with only a very small selection of items being sellable at the spawn market. This small selection of rare items will sell for a variable price that changes based on the volume of sales the spawn market receives at any given time.

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Spawn Market

At spawn there will be a small market where you can buy only the most basic items that you could need, and sell a very limited number of rare items for variable prices. Items that will be purchasable at this market will include:

  • Basic blocks - wood, stone, wool etc.
  • Basic armor & tools - typically leather and stone.
  • Low value food items - typically farmed produce, no seeds.

All other items will need to be found in the natural world, or bartered from other players.

Buying and Selling

You'll be able to trade other players using /trade [name] and a menu will pop up where you can swap items.

There will be an Auction House where you can list items that you want to sell, and players will buy them if they have the required amount of money. In turn, you can also browse what items players are selling and you can purchase them for yourself. To access the Auction House, do /ah.

Introducing the Player Shop system. This system is widely used on Skyblock servers but we are introducing it to Survival. To create your own shop, place a sign on a chest and type on the top line [shop] to get started! The rest of the process is automated to avoid any confusion. Players will be able to click on the sign to either buy or sell the item you have listed.

Server Store

We've spent our development time for this reset focusing entirely on gameplay features and content for you all to enjoy, and so this reset will be releasing without any store content besides the existing ranks. These ranks will have their perks reviewed and adjusted to fit the new environment we've created, and over time we will add carefully balanced items to the store that allow the generous players in our community to continue funding development and hosting for Survival.

Additional Features

  • The Mob difficulty will be set to Hard.
  • When you first join the Survival Realm, you'll get 15 minutes of protection from PvP. You can use /protection to end your protection period early if you want to.
  • You will not be able to build within 100 blocks of spawn.
  • You can get rewards from completing vanilla achievements, including useful items that will help you around the map as well as exclusive cosmetics!

We hope you're excited to play this brand new season of Survival that begins this Friday at 1PM EST - we're certainly excited to deliver it to you! Since we're bringing a brand new experience on the latest version of Minecraft that's actively in development, there's likely to be some bumps in the road which we'll be endeavor to fix as quickly as possible. We thank you for your constant support and we're looking forward to growing our Survival experience with your feedback. Feel free to let us know what you think about the upcoming reset and tell us your suggestions on the Discord server:

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