Skyblock Reset Information

Hello everyone! We are happy to announce that through an ample amount of dedication our management and development team have put in, the new season of Skyblock is close to release!

Realm Information

The new Skyblock reset will release on Sunday June 7th @ 4:00 PM EST / 6:00 AM AEST / 9:00 PM BST.

For a countdown until the reset, click here.

New Spawn

Our builders have provided us with a new spawn and PvP arena, built to perfection. Check it out below:

Skyblock Spawn #1
Skyblock Spawn #2
Skyblock PvP #1
Skyblock PvP #2

/drop Addition

Scared to accidentally drop valuable items? We have added a prevention for certain items to not be dropped. Such valuable items are Wands, Boss Lures, Keys, etc. In order to drop one of these valuable items, simply type /drop, then drop your item.

New Island Level System

The economy progresses in a linear fashion, therefore, we have decided to make Island Levels follow the same trend. Rather than islands increasing their level via valuable blocks and spawners, you will have to pay in order to increase it.

The simple math in order to upgrade your island level is {island level} x $10,000. Therefore, if your island has a 500 island level already, it will cost $5,000,000 in order to receive a 501 island level.

Island Discord Addition

Wanting to advertise your team recruitment? By simply typing /is discord <link>, this will set your island's discord for you. The discord link will appear in the island information description (/is info) as well as will be broadcasted in chat when you type [discord] and a player selects it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where /challenges would state incorrect values.
  • Fixed an issue where the store would state the wrong command for /filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the /help menu would state the incorrect chest shop example.
  • Updated shortcut commands to display the correct information.
  • Added a 180 second capture cooldown for outpost per island after death.
  • Reworked several PrimePass challenges to work alongside new features.
  • Decreased the amount of crops required to be farmed in 2 challenges.
  • Increased the Vote Party requirement.
  • When switching between armor pieces, enchantments will now apply to the player correctly.
  • You can no longer utilise Strength 2 in PvP worlds.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ore Generator pass challenge wouldn't correctly complete.
  • Fixed issues in relation to Item Frames.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing a full inventory of an item would show a '?'
  • Fixed an issue where the Seeder enchant wouldn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where players would receive the Tunneler effect without that pickaxe in hand.
  • Fixed an issue where the MobCoin pass challenges would increase when purchasing items from the shop.
  • Fixed an issue where the Yummy enchantment wouldn't correctly proc.
  • Fixed issues in relation to PowerShop items and BlockTrak scrolls.
  • Fixed issues in relation to scrolls and the Haste custom enchantment.
  • Fixed an issue where PocketPet debuffs would apply in other worlds.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a typo when upgrading the Lumberjack Axe.
  • Fixed an issue where using a stack of water/lava buckets would remove them all.
  • Reworked how inventories are received after a duel is completed.
  • Fixed issues in relation to /wb and /pvp not working.
  • Keys have been made into physical items.
  • Added shortcut commands for /spectate
  • Lowered the sell price of nether stars to $1500 (Previously $2000)
  • Lowered the /fix all cooldown to 30 minutes.
  • Allowed certain commands (/pv and /echest) at Outpost world.
  • Reworked the Boss times to have less gaps in between each boss (Maximum 2 hour gap)
  • Added a Pass Skip