Skyblock Reset Information

Hey everyone, after some much needed development into our Skyblock gamemode, we are proud to announce a new season that provides revamped content, as well as plenty of bug fixes.

Realm Information

The new Skyblock reset will release on Sunday July 12th @ 2:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.

For a countdown until the reset, click here.

Development Time

Over the course of the last two weeks, a lot of work has been put forward into making development changes behind the scenes, in order to improve the response time that issues are resolved, as well as easily integrate new features frequently. We constantly attempt to brainstorm new content ideas for the community, however, if you have a suggestion of your own, feel free to suggest in on our discord!

Revamped Economy

Through close consideration, we have attempted to create a progressive economy, that allows users to experience 3 different main forms of economy (farming, mining, and spawners). Therefore, with this being said, several changes have been made in order for this economy to serve for quite some time before a new reset is required.

Revamped Prime Pass

A large issue that users found extremely frustrating in the previous season was the amount of glitched or unrealistic goals they had to achieve. We have put time and effort into reworking this feature, and making it balanced with the rest of the content we provide.

Displayed Health

In order to balance PvPing a little bit, we have introduced a user's current health being shown above their model. This now allows users to decide whether to flee from a fight, or advance for the kill.

Prizes & Competition

As you know, PrimeMC is a fun server where you can come and play casually with friends to explore all the content we work hard to put out for all of you.

Mojang recently updated its commercial guidelines to give lots of freedom to casual play servers.

Ever since we added prizes, we have had to cater to two communities - the competitive player teams who play for payouts/prizes, and the casual players who play for fun. Serving these two groups made game balancing hard and limited how fun PrimeMC can be for everyone.

To follow Mojang's new EULA and improve the server, we have decided to remove all competitive aspects to PrimeMC Skyblock. There will be no more Island-Top prizes from now on. Removing competitiveness is a very positive change since now the server will be balanced and more fun.

Final Comments

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, July 12th, at 2:00 PM EST for the Skyblock Reset! Feel free to let us know what you think about this reset on our Discord server!