Prison Reset Information

Hey everyone! This weekend, we're excited to announce that the Prison Realm will be resetting. As we wave goodbye to the current season, this upcoming reset will give you the chance to start fresh, and we can't wait to see what you can do when given a new slate to start on.

Realm Information

The new Prison season will begin this Saturday, November 28th @ 2:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.


Augmentations are part of the newly reworked Fragments system! Fragments would be collected as they currently exist through mining and crates, and can be combined in large quantities for a chance that they successfully combine into an Augmented Fragment. When Fragments are combined, the combination could fail, or it could turn into 1 of 4 tiers of Fragment:

  • 1x Dull Augmented Fragment is produced
  • 1x Shiny Augmented Fragment is produced
  • 1x Sparkly Augmented Fragment is produced
  • 1x Glowing Augmented Fragment is produced

These new Augmented Fragments can then be used in the special Fragment enchantment table found in /fragment. You will be able to enchant your Augmented Fragments and make them into Augmentations. For example, if you have Sparkly Augmented Fragments, when enchanted it'll turn into a Sparkly Augmentation. This enchantment process will require a certain amount of Augmented Fragments and EXP to do.

Augmentation Abilities

When an Augmented Fragment is turned into an Augmentation via the method described above, it will gain an enchantment style ability, with higher tiered Augmentations (such as Glowing) giving more powerful abilities than lower tiered ones (such as Dull).

The fully completed Augmentation can then be applied to a tool or weapon. Only 1 Augmentation can be applied per tool or weapon, with the ability to purchase additional Augmentation slots being added in the future. Unlike normal enchantments, you can freely remove Augmentations at any time. You can do /aug in game to find out more.

Here's what Augmentations abilities you can look forward to seeing:

Dull Abilities

  • Lightweight: chance of increased knockback of 1-5 blocks when hit.  Can be added to swords & axes
  • Heavyweight: chance of decreased knockback of 1-5 blocks when hit. Can be added to swords & axes
  • Beheader: Beheading players after a kill, when they are killed the physical head item is dropped. Can be added to swords & axes
  • Celerity: Gain 1-3 levels of Haste effect. Can be added to pickaxes
  • Rumble: Chance of sending your opponent flying in the air while in PvP. Can be added to swords & axes
  • Freeze: - Chance to freeze your opponent for 1-5 seconds. Can be added to swords & axes

Shiny Abilities

  • Cannonball: Chance of a fireball shooting out of your bow instead of an arrow. Can be added to bows
  • Mining Agility: Augments Mining speed. Can be added to pickaxes
  • Bomb Miner: Chance to gain 1-3 a Mine/Candy bomb while mining. Can be added to pickaxes
  • Guardian: Chance of minions spawning whilst fighting. Can be added to swords & axes
  • Key Acquirer: Chance of getting a Vote, Enchantment or Uncommon Crate Key. Can be added to pickaxes
  • Invisibility Cloak: Chance of the player becoming invisible when hit for 1-5 seconds.

Sparkly Abilities

  • Grapple: People in a 3-5 block radius have a chance of being pulled towards you. Can be added to chestplates
  • Final Stand: When on low health, you will be launched upwards 7 blocks. While launched in the air you will gain Speed 1-4, Regeneration 1-3, and Jump 1-4 for a certain amount of seconds. Can be added to pants
  • Fragment Accumulator: Chance of getting 1-3 times your fragments when fragments are gained. Can be added to pickaxes
  • Bleeding: Chance to apply wither effect. Can be added to swords & axes

Glowing Abilities

  • Transmutation: Chance of getting a certain amount of custom ore ingots instead of a custom ore when mining a custom ore block. Can be added to pickaxes
  • Knowledge: Chance of getting 1.2 - 4 times the amount of exp from custom ores. Can be added to pickaxes
  • Disarm: Chance of your opponent’s item in hand swapping with a random item in their inventory, with a chance of it dropping on the ground. Can be added to chestplates
  • Karma: Chance for the enemy player to heal you for 1-5 hearts and take 1-3 hearts off of the enemy when hit. Can be added to chestplates

Prestige Mines

Players who prestige will now be able to access Prestige Mines that will have even better sell prices compared to all previous mines. Every 5 prestige levels, a new prestige mine will be unlocked, up until the new highest prestige level 25. Although the prestige cap has been increased, players will stop gaining sell booster rewards after prestige 15. Here's a sneak peak of some of the new Prestige Mines

Balance changes

We've made a series of changes to some of the existing features on Prison, to better balance them and make the player experience more fun and fair.

  • Reduced effects of the Tunneler Ability for Quarry pickaxe
  • Reduced the effect of Jolly Ranchers with the Tunneler ability
  • Reduced chances for the Upgrader enchantment to activate
  • Reduced effects of the Token Scan enchantment
  • Reduced the set bonuses for gold pet armor:
    1 Piece: Tokens gained increased by 20%
    2 Pieces: Tokens gained increased by 40%
    3 Pieces: Tokens gained increased by 60%
    4 Pieces:  Tokens gained increased by 80%
  • Reduced gold pet follower bonus
    Lvl 4 -> +12.5% token Gain (Changed from 15%)
    -> +7.5% Sell Booster for Merchant (Changed from 10%)
    Lvl 5 -> +15% token gain (Changed from 20%)
    -> +10% Sell Booster for Merchant (Changed from 15%)
  • Reduced Mine sell prices

We hope you're as excited as we are for the next season of Prison and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday at 2pm EST. Feel free to let us know what you think about the upcoming reset on our Discord server:

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