Impending Prison Reset

Hello everyone, and welcome to PrimeMC's Prison Reset post!

The next season of Prison on PrimeMC will be released this Sunday, July 5th at 2:00 PM EST / 4:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.

As all resets, common features such as contents on your plots, player vaults, inventories, enderchests, pickaxes, etc. will be wiped from the realm.

Rank, addons, tags, disguises and kits of all kinds will however remain over this reset, as they are permanent purchases for the realm.

With this brand new season, we introduce new features to our network, some that entice and add new content for players to explore and grow their money making strategies from just mining.

Prison Pets

Introducing our brand new Prison Pets! Foster awesome pets and keep them in your very own zoo on your plot!

Players can purchase Pet Eggs from the tokenshop (/tokenshop), then place them in the zoo in order to start reaping their benefits. Whilst you are online, will pet will begin to accumulate income over time whilst you complete other various tasks on the realm, whether this be mining, PvPing, or even AFKing. Whilst you are offline, your pet will still earn money when in your zoo to be collected when your return.

Different types of pets can give you different forms of currencies, such as money or tokens whilst spawned in your zoo. They can be upgraded by combining pets will the same stats together to make them gather currency at a quicker rate. For instance, if you have 2 Iron pets at level 1, combining them together will result in one Iron Pet at level 2!

Premium Eggs & Monthly Pets

Premium Pet Eggs give you a higher chance at unlocking an awesome pet! Not only this, but there is a chance that you can receive the super rare Monthly Pet from the Premium Pet Eggs.

Each month, you will get the chance to win a different type of Monthly Pet from the Premium Eggs. Each Monthly Pet will have a unique ability to boost your experience on the Prison realm. Make sure to grab one when the month is over or else you may fall at risk of missing out and never getting it again!

The monthly pet for June will be the Amethyst Pet! This elemental pet will randomly generate you enchantment books with levels based off the level of the pet itself.

In order to receive these Premium Pet Eggs, you can visit our server store here.

Candy Bombs

Introducing Candy Bombs! Acting in a similar concept as the Mine Bombs, Candy Bombs, when thrown within a mine, will explode and instead of breaking blocks, will turn nearby blocks into Candy!

Image from Gyazo

You will then be able to mine these Candy blocks and have a chance to receive a candy item with a random tier.

God Kits (GKits)

GKits are a new fundamental kit in additional to rank kits and monthly kits. Each opening up experience towards specific elements of the gamemode.

Candy Farmer GKit

This Gkit will contain 16 Candy Bombs, a 300 slot BackPack and a unique disenchantable Candy Farmer enchantment. This new enchantment is only obtainable through this GKit and it will randomly generate and give you Candy Seeds and sometimes even full pieces of Candy whilst you are mining!

You will receive Protection 4, Unbreaking 5 armor in this GKit and the cooldown upon use is 7 days (1 week).

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Crystal Grinder GKit

This GKit will contain 16 Mine Bombs, a 300 Slot Backpack, 6x Speed 2 Potions and a unique disenchantable Crystal Farmer enchantment. This new enchantment is only obtainable through this GKit and it will allow for your chance to be doubled of receiving crystals whilst you are mining.

You will receive Protection 4, Unbreaking 5 armor in the GKit and the cooldown after using the GKit will be 7 days (1 week).

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Dimension Hopper Enchantment

Introducing a brand new legendary custom enchantment - Dimension Hopper! When this enchantment procs, you will be teleported to an alternate universe, where you are able to mine for a limited amount of time!

During your limited time in the other dimension, you will be able to mine the blocks that are there, which you can hand in to the Sellers for a higher amount of money as compared to your current (normal) mine. You want to make the most of your time there though, mining as much as you possibly can as you will be teleported back to reality shortly later!


Minebosses are bosses that will randomly spawn in any of the mines, that once defeated by your fellow miners, will give you special rewards!

There will be a few different types of bosses and each one will have unique abilities and varyying amouts of health depending on the mine it spawns in. The higher the mine level you are, the higher the health of the boss when it spawns.

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Private (Plot) Mines

Become the owner of your very own Private Mine on your plot! Players will be able to place 1 Private Mine on their personal plots which they can upgrade them to become better than the normal mines!

The small Private Mine starts at 13x13 blocks and the medium mine starts at 17x17 blocks. Both of these Private (Plot) Mines can be upgraded to a larger size to accommodate your mining and friends using in game money. Once a Private (Plot) Mine has been upgraded, it will eventually contain more quality blocks that you can mine and sell for a higher price.


Adding on to the /duel plugin, players are now able to participate in not only 1v1's, but 2v2's and 2v1's (dependent on the map). The soup bowls being empty or full indicate whether or not you have completed that part of the duel setup.

Create your own custom kit to duel someone with or use one of the premade kits. Choose what type of armor, weapons, foods and potions you want to use in your kit. You are able to create and save up to 4 custom kits.

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You can even customize what enchantments you wish to have on your armor and weapon!

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Create a public or private duel against a friend or another player on the same realm. If your duel is public, then players will be allowed to spectate using /duel spectate <IGN> as well as the duel results being broadcasted in chat for all to see. You are toggle off the duel broadcasts in the duel setup menu.

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Prizes & Competition

As you know, PrimeMC is a fun server where you can come and play casually with friends to explore all the content we work hard to put out for all of you.

Mojang recently updated its commercial guidelines to give lots of freedom to casual play servers.

Ever since we added prizes, we have had to cater to two communities - the competitive player teams who play for payouts/prizes, and the casual players who play for fun. Serving these two groups made game balancing hard and limited how fun PrimeMC can be for everyone.

To follow Mojang's new EULA and improve the server, we have decided to remove all competitive aspects to PrimeMC prison. There will be no more  Plot-top prizes from now on. Removing competitiveness is a very positive change since now the server will be balanced and more fun.

We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, July 5th, at 2:00 PM EST for the Prison Reset! Feel free to let us know what you think about this reset on our Discord server!