Prison Reset Information

Hey everyone! This weekend, we're excited to announce that the Prison Realm will be resetting. As we wave goodbye to the current season, this upcoming reset will give you the chance to start fresh, and we can't wait to see what you can do when given a new slate to start on.

Realm Information

The new Prison season will begin this Saturday, February 27th @ 2:00 PM EST / 5:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.

New Spawn

With a new reset, comes a new spawn! Take a look at what you can expect to see:

PvP Revamp

We've spent a while thinking about the current enchantments on Prison and how effective and balanced they are, and how we would like to move forward with them. We decided that the PvP enchantments were not up to the standard we would have liked them to be at, and there were more issues than necessary in terms of their effects and how to balance them.

As a result of this, we will be removing all of the current PvP custom enchantments - on both armor and weaponry - and will be replacing them with a new list of enchantments.

There are 4 tiers of enchantments that you can get, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary. You'll be able to access these enchantments the same way as before, using /ce.


  • Blaze - Gives Fire Resistance
  • Bunny Hop - Gives Jump Boost
  • Heads up - Permanent Night Vision
  • Pearler - Chance to get your Enderpearls back upon use
  • Switcher - Chance to switch places with your enemy in PvP
  • Venom - Chance to Poison your enemy in PvP


  • Cannoner - Chance to shoot a fireball instead of an arrow
  • Health boost - Gives extra hearts
  • Kamikaze - Upon death, a charged creeper spawns and explodes
  • Last Stand - When you are below 4 HP (2 hearts), you will gain Strength 2 and Resistance 2  (2 minute cooldown)
  • Nausea - Chance to Nauseate enemy upon hit
  • Reflector - Chance to reflect damage back to players attacking you
  • Sumo - Chance to throw enemies away from you
  • Triple Shot - Chance to shoot 3 arrows instead of 1


  • Artemis - Chance to teleport to your enemies when you hit them with an arrow
  • Regenerator - Gives Regeneration whilst in combat (regen amount is dependent on level)
  • Speed - Gives you Speed
  • Trapped - Chance to trap you and your opponent in a cage
  • Web Shooter - Chance to encase your enemies in a sticky web when you hit them with a fully charged arrow


  • Blacksmith - Chance to repair all of the armor and weapons in your hotbar when hitting your opponents
  • Boo - Shift + Right click to become invisible for 3 seconds (2 minute cooldown)
  • Decay - Does increased damage to armor
  • Firework - Levitates your opponent in the air for a few seconds
  • Head Turner - Chance to turn your opponent’s head in the opposite direction when you are hit
  • Heart Breaker - Briefly stop your enemies from getting Resistance or give them weakness
  • Infected - Stop your enemy Enderpearling for 10 seconds
  • Meteor - Chance to knock your enemies backwards and blind them when your health is low
  • Ninja - Chance to dodge attacks, with an increased chance of this happening when you're sneaking
  • Pyromaniac - Chance to cover enemy player in lava
  • Rage - Each hit does slightly more damage to mobs
  • Sniper - The greater the distance, the more damage you deal with shots
  • Spark - Sets enemies on fire and slows them down
  • Yummy - Chance to regain golden apples when you eat them

Prestige Pass

Introducing the Prestige Pass, a new section to the /pass that you can access after completing the original 1-100 pass challenges. These new challenges will have 2 rewards, just like the normal PrimePass - free and premium rewards.

These new challenges will require certain Prestige levels to be reached in order to unlock them. Challenges will be unlocked at Prestiges 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25.

Token Shop Complete Rework

We have removed the ability to purchase enchantment books completely from the Token Shop and Dust Shop, as well as removed the % chance success rate system.

Now, enchantments you purchase are linked to the pickaxe you enchantment them on. To open the shop menu, you must be holding your pickaxe in your hand and type /ts or shift-right-click. If you don't have your pickaxe in your hand, you will not be able to open the Token Shop.

When an enchantment is purchased, it will no longer generate a physical book item, and instead will be added straight to the pickaxe you're holding 100% of the time. This means that there is no longer a chance for the enchantment to not apply.

These enchantments are purchasable under the following amounts:

  • +1, +5, +10, +50, +100, +500, +1000, +Max

The cost of the pickaxe enchantments increases with the amount of levels you have. This means that enchanting your pickaxe with 1 level from 100 -> 101 will cost more than enchanting your pickaxe from 0 -> 1. Once an enchantment has Prestiged, the enchantment is returns to base level 1 (as it previously did), and the enchantment cost will return to it's base and will cost the same as it did the first time around.

The disenchantment command is also being updated to match these new Token Shop changes.  When you disenchant Legendary enchantments, like Dimension Hopper, MineBreaker, Upgrader etc, you'll be given a book back with a 100% chance. This also does not mean that you will be able to disenchant italic’d enchants, these will still not be disenchantable.

With this change, we've changed how disenchanting works. Firstly, we've removed disenchantment scrolls completely. Secondly, if you disenchant a non-maxed level enchantment, you'll receive the amount of tokens you spent on that particular enchantment back, instead of receiving a book.

If you disenchant a maxed level enchantment, for example Fortune 750, you will get a book back for that enchantment. IMPORTANT: If you for some reason disenchant a Fortune 100 Prestige 1 pickaxe, you will lose the prestige level. You can only get the book from disenchanting it at its max level.

Dust Shop Additions

With the removal of enchantment books, the Dust Shop will no longer sell books. However, with the recent addition of the Repair Dust, we will be introducing a new way to get dust.

Custom Ores will now be tradeable for Dust in the Dust Shop, so you can sell them to receive Dust. The amount of Dust you gain from selling Custom Ores will be random but within a certain range.

  • Ruby Ore: 250 Dust
  • Topaz Ore: 350 Dust
  • Cobalt Ore: 450 Dust
  • Platinum Ore: 550 Dust
  • Opal Ore: 650 Dust
  • Uranium Ore: 850 Dust
  • MoonStone Ore: 1000 Dust

Outpost Changes

The normal Outpost has been removed and will be replaced with a new and improved version.

The Outpost will open every 3 hours and will stay open for 15 minutes, this is when it can be captured. Teams will need to fight to control the Outpost point, and whilst standing on the point you will gain +1 score every second. The first team to reach 500 points, or the team with the highest score after 15 minutes will capture the Outpost.

Outpost Rewards

Successfully capturing the Outpost grants you the ability to warp access the Outpost Mine via /mines. This mine will give you a 1.5x sell booster on their current mine. For example, if a player was at Mine Z, then they would gain a 1.5% booster on their normal Mine Z sell prices, and a player who is at the Prestige 25 Mine will receive a 1.5% booster on their normal Prestige 25 Mine sell prices.

New Value Blocks

We have reworked the Value system, making Plot Value now capped at 100 billion. This means you cannot gain value past 100,000,000,000 without the addition of our new Value blocks.

When Value Blocks are placed in a Commodity Bank, this will increase the maximum cap that the plot can earn. The amount of value that is increased on your plot is dependent on the type of Value Block that you have placed, with some Value Blocks holding more value than others. Value Blocks are bought using $ cash from the bank or won from Luck and additional places.

The Commodity Bank has 3 different upgraded forms, which upgrade as more value blocks are added to the bank. After adding Value Blocks, you cannot remove them again.

Here's how much Plot Value you can gain with the Value Blocks:

  • Hay Block: +10 Bil Max Cap
  • Cobweb: +100 Bil Max Cap
  • Slime Block: +1 Tril Max Cap
  • Sponge: +10 Tril Max Cap
  • End Portal: +100 Tril Max Cap

Here's how much each Value Block costs in the Commodity Bank:

  • Hay Block: 1 Trillion
  • Cobweb: 10 Trillion
  • Slime Block: 100 Trillion
  • Sponge: 1 Quadrillion
  • End Portal: 10 Quadrillion

Prestige 30 & Meteorites

We are adding 5 new Prestiges in the upcoming season, meaning the highest Prestige will now be 30. This means that there will be a new Prestige 30 mine, with better sell prices than Prestige 25 mine.

Along with these new Prestige levels, we are introducing a brand new Custom Ore - Moonstone - mineable at Prestige 25 with the pickaxe craftable at Prestige 30.

In random areas of the Quarry, away from the usual mine areas, Meteorites will periodically rain from the sky and crash into the ground. These events will happen when all of the previously crashed Moonstone ore is mined.

When this event happens and Meteorites fall from the sky, Moonstone Golems will spawn until all of the Moonstone ore is mined up. There will be a maximum of 15 Moonstone Golems per ore, and they will target players who try to attack them.

Moonstone Golems will drop Moonstone Shards when they are killed, and these shards alongside Moonstone Ingots are required to get from Prestige 25 to 30.

We hope you're as excited as we are for the next season of Prison and we look forward to seeing you all on Saturday at 2pm EST. Feel free to let us know what you think about the upcoming reset on our Discord server:

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