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Sep 21, 2017 at 1:40 PM
Oct 20, 2016
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Thug life! Jul 15, 2017

MissNorway was last seen:
Sep 21, 2017 at 1:40 PM
    1. Icee
      You're pretty cool ;)

      1. MissNorway
        haha! well ty, sir :)
        Sep 9, 2017
    2. MissNorway
      Thug life!
      1. LolWeeb
        Jul 15, 2017
      2. Eboy
        THUG XD
        Aug 6, 2017
    3. Amberians
      Can we be friends?
      1. MissNorway likes this.
      2. MissNorway
        lol sure, Amberians with an S :) why not, id have any enemies and never saw you as one, just some unnecessary comments that could be avoided from my point of view, not hard taken at all, I'm a reasonable person :)
        Jul 13, 2017
        Amberians likes this.
    4. Icee
      1. MissNorway
        Jun 29, 2017
    5. MissNorway
    6. Kolynskij
      Hehe, Missnorway has all the young lads gasping! And some of the not so young ones :)
      1. MissNorway
        hehe :P
        Jun 14, 2017
    7. RicochetRocketX
      Hi and I like your avatar! It's beautiful!
      1. MissNorway
        Hi, RicochetRocketX and ty :)
        Jun 14, 2017
      2. RicochetRocketX
        Jun 14, 2017
    8. Curl29
      Norge??? Ja kommer i från Sverige
      1. MissNorway
        ah så kult :)
        May 30, 2017
    9. BirthdayCard
      Adele is that you?
      1. MissNorway
        haha, guess I will say tx :D
        Apr 28, 2017
        BirthdayCard likes this.
    10. Ewut
      Hi Norway =D
      1. MissNorway
        hey iiCloud XD wasup
        Apr 28, 2017
    11. MissNorway
      "Smile to the sun and the sun will smile back at you" :)
      1. Kolynskij likes this.
      2. SunLxves
        I am the Sun... and I do smile back :P
        Jun 14, 2017
        MissNorway likes this.
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    HI, I'm XxMissNorwayxX, known as MissFart for 5 years in another serer, ik funny name and no i'm not a child, I just thought it was funny :D about me, nice, careing, helps people, happy and like to joke now and then :)
    I have been on a server for 5 years now, I randomly picked it, get to know ALOT of people there and grew many good friendship there, are known as the MissFart who always help and are nice, but the server isn't what it was and just a few players play there now, many quit bc of some bad staff and too little engaged, it's hard to let it go bc of all the friendships but I have been thinking about this alot and felt I needed some changes and start a new journey in mc-life and meet new people, I haven't been here long but I found some good, intresting and nice people and become good friends with them in a short time, I have used alot of time to find a good server, not too many people, just enough on every servers to have the chance to get to know people, too many is confusing :) so I started survival, met some great, trusted, mature people, like me and it's going pretty well and i'm enjoing it, this server seem good so far and I hope staff here is good too, we need that, it's alot of players so a huge responsibility, have notised some helpers here don't know certain things when new people ask for help, that's where staff come into the picture, they need to learn more, a good tip :) what I have learned so far I learn further to other players, I learned alot in short time,still learning how the game is, commands etc, players have helped me alot, thanks for that, I really appreciate that, so on the other server I played on i'm used to have the highest rank, yeh ik, to have it all is too easy ik I get that but I might buy a rank that gives me/fly, idk, anyway you may notise that some of the englishwords isn't allways right but I think i'm doing well, it's just that i'm done school and just have forgotten some words, thats all, peace Miss :)