Tips On How To Build A Cobblestone Generator That Works Great

Sep 2, 2016
Hi Guys, I Hear A Lot Of Questions On Skyblock About How To Build A Cobblestone Generator, And In This Thread, I'm Going To Tell You How!
  1. First, You Obviously Gather The Resources Needed To Build A Cobblestone Generator (1 Bucket Of Water, 1 Bucket Of Water) Those Are The Bare Essentials Needed To Make A Coblestone Generator.
  2. The Picture Below Shows How To Place Your Materials Accordingly
  3. primeforumpost1.jpg (There Is A 3 Before The Picture Because The Ordered List Option Makes It Look This Way)
  4. Now, There Is The Hole Inside Of The Hole Next To Where You Will Place The Water, This Needs To Be There In Order To Prevent The Lava From Turning Into Obsidian
  5. I Recommend That You Place A Block Of Cobblestone One Block To The Left Of Where The Lava Will Go (Just To Be Safe)
  6. I Also Recommend That You Place A Few Hoppers Around The Generator So You Don't Lose Blocks And Ores, Also That You Place A Block That Does Not Burn, But That Pik Axes Have A Hard Time Breaking In The Stop Where The Red Arrow First Starts So You Don't Break Any Extra Terrain That You Don't Need To
  7. Now, Place In The Water And Lava Where The Picture Tells You To And Cobblestone Should Now Be Forming!!