Announcement Survival Suggestions Thread


Nov 2, 2015
Hello everyone!

Keeping this thread short and sweet, myself and Logan have gone over the vast majority of the bugs that have been reported to us. Alongside this, we have also been working on up and coming content for Survival. Although we have content in the works, we would also like to collect ideas from the community as a whole.

Feel free to reply to this thread with any of the following:
  • Things you want added
  • Things you want removed
  • Things you want changed
I will attempt to respond to all of the replies here.
May 1, 2016
Make it 1.8 compatible so you dont need to get on 1.14 if you want to play also I need to play survival to have more suggestions
Oct 29, 2019
-Change the name of your team
It would be nice to change the name of your team so you're not stuck with ''iSoraka's Team''
It isn't anything fancy it's just a nice detail for the people who play together.

-Adding more /sell options to the subranks
for example: I can sell raw fish, but I can't sell cooked fish with the ''fisherman'' perms.
Another good example is the ''oak lumberjack'', you can only sell oak logs and I think it will be a good change to change it to just a regular ''lumberjack'' rank so we're able to sell all type of logs.

-Some fun events
I know survival doesn't get much attention, so getting people hyped for cool events and prices will
hopefully get some more people to notice & play it!

Have a fun companion that follows you around while survivaling!
Can be unlocked by playtime, ingame money or maybe even subranks!
Aug 9, 2017
Add permission to trade with villager
Add tools that kind help out with builds, like builder tool
Add also tools that will give you more loot when mining or breaking down i tree,
Add it back so you can use the fireworks willing flying with the elytra

Fix the spawner shop
Fix the fishing rod bug, not working in 1,14,4
Fix the /warp shop, you will get stuck because you can’t use any commands

Add more events and sell options like isoraka said
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Dec 21, 2016
just do a whole reset with a new economy, the current one isn't working.