Skyblock Reset Teams

Sep 2, 2016
I'm just wondering if anybody is actually willing to let me into their island team for the reset... finding teams is kinda hard considering my past
respond if you are actually willing to accept me ;D
Mar 6, 2016
If you're looking for teams go into the prime discord and look for the island recruitment section. If you want to be accepted to any "good" teams, you need to have a good knowledge of sb, as long with a good amount of ingame stuff
Mar 15, 2016
Yeah men! As mentioned above. But you know what. We don't really care for those stuff. Please make a resume (An Actual Resume) if you're interested to be on the top island. **Not a joke. Submit it your Resume via forums. If you don't know what a "resume" is please search one up and create 1 if you are serious in being part of the top islands.