Announcement Skyblock Reset Information | May 4th, 1PM EST

Jan 31, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I am very excited today to announce the reset of Skyblock Cloud and Void, which will be releasing on Prime this Saturday at 1PM EST / 7PM CEST. This is a very big update which packs a boatload of new features and performance optimisations, which we will cover in more detail below.

For a countdown which adapts to your own time zone, please click here.

Reset Information
As with every reset, all server progress will be set back to zero. You will lose your current island, balances and inventories to make place for a new season of Skyblock. Ranks and addons will be kept, and won’t be changed during this reset. Any consumables which you may have purchased up to 7 days before the reset will be reimbursed automatically once you login.

Skyblock Cloud and Skyblock Void will both go offline 24 hours before the reset (Friday at 1PM EST / 7PM CEST) to prepare the network for the upcoming release. This Skyblock release will be running on server version 1.12.2, with combat reverted to 1.8.8.

Below are some of the highlighted features in this server release.

Island Top Rewards
We are increasing the Island Top rewards from every month to every week, and updating the rewards to include an option for PayPal. Island Top rewards will be gathered every Monday at 6AM EST, at which winners will qualify for the following rewards:
  • First Place: $50 PayPal
  • Second Place: $40 Buycraft
  • Third Place: $30 Buycraft
  • Fourth Place: $20 Buycraft
  • Fifth Place: $10 Buycraft
In order to receive your reward, you must submit your PayPal or Buycraft email information. This can be done in-game by using the /paypal <email> and /giftcard <email> commands. Please make sure that the PayPal email you submit is attached to a verified PayPal account, or you may run into issues accessing your reward.

The Island Top rewards for April will be announced at the bottom of this post.

Island Robots
This release of Skyblock will include the much anticipated Island Robots feature (better known as “Minions”). Players will be able to purchase a variety of different Robots from the Buycraft Store or via Mob Coins, and program them to complete different tasks on the server. Robots are available in different tiers (ranging from “Basic” to “Ultimate”), and each come with their own unique benefits. Higher Robot tiers include better features, and are more efficient in their jobs than lower tiered Robots. However, fear not as each robot can be upgraded through Microchips.

There are a variety of different parts available which can be bought through the Mob Coin shop, boosting the different skills that Robots have. Each robot can also be fully customised, for example by changing their Attire and their display name. We think you’ll be really excited for this feature!

New Skyblock Plugin
This season of Skyblock will be launching with our own in-house Skyblock Plugin, which provides a variety of new features and customisation options, as well as performance benefits that improve the stability of the server. Although you will feel very familiar with the features in this new plugin, we have improved almost everything about Skyblock that is currently available.

A few highlights of our new features:
  • HUGE Performance Updates: Accounting for a much smoother server experience
  • Fully-Featured GUI system: Managing your island is now easier than ever
  • Shared Island Vault: New Island Vault which is shared with your other members
  • Customisable Island Flags: Modify your island in countless of ways
  • Ownership Transfer: Transfer the ownership of your island to another player
  • New Global Warps System: Updated warps system which no longer uses signs
  • Invitation Updates: Much simpler way of inviting other players to your island
With the use of our own Skyblock plugin, we will be able to release addons easily and much more frequently. Keep an eye out on our site for future updates.

New Server Spawn
We’ve made a very big aesthetics update to our server spawn, which now includes a huge new shop, casino, VIP section and mob grinder. We’re sure that you are going to love it. I’ll let the screenshots speak for themselves. Check them out below:

Enchantments Update
A large update has been prepared for custom enchantments on the server. By visiting the Enchanter at spawn, you will now be able to purchase almost 40 brand-new enchantments, which further add-on to your gameplay and PvP experience. A list will be provided in the spoiler below:

Common Enchantments:
  • Beheader: Chance to behead enemy players upon their death. (Swords/Axes)
  • GlassBreaker: Breaks glass instantly. (blocks put into inventory) (Shears)
  • Hunger: Increases Saturation when eating food. (Helmets)
  • LuckyMining: Gives extra XP from mining ores. (Pickaxes)
  • MrPlow: Harvests in an increased area. (Hoes)
  • Pearler: Chance to get your enderpearl back upon use. (All Armor)
  • Switcher: Chance to switch places with your enemy in PvP. (Axes)
  • Telekinesis: When mining, blocks will automatically fill your inventory. (Pickaxes/Hoes)
  • Venom: When in PvP, chance to give your enemy Poison. (Swords)
Uncommon Enchantments:
  • Cannoner: Chance to shoot fireballs instead of arrows. (Bows)
  • Haste: Gives the Haste effect. (Pickaxes)
  • HealthBoost: Gives extra hearts. (Chestplates)
  • Kamikaze: Upon Death, drop a primed charged creeper. (Armor)
  • LastStand: When below 4HP, gain strength and resistance. (2m cooldown) (Axes)
  • Leafery: Leaves have increased drops. (Shears)
  • Reflector: Chance to cause damage to players attacking you. (Leggings)
  • Seeder: Places seeds in an increased area. (Hoes)
  • StackSmasher: Gives a chance while grinding mobs to instakill a stack. (Swords)
  • Sumo: Chance to throw your enemy back. (Swords/Axes)
  • TripleShot: Chance to shoot 3 arrows instead of 1. (Bows)
Rare Enchantments:
  • Feast: No hunger loss. (Helmets)
  • Flameguard: Walk on Lava, gives speed 1 and fire resistance while on lava. (All Armor)
  • Frostbite: Walk on water, gives speed 2 while on water. (All Armor)
  • Melter: Breaks Obsidian as fast as Stone. (Pickaxes)
  • MetalDetector: Increased chance for mobs to drop mob coins. (Swords)
  • Regenerator: Gives Regeneration 1, gives Regeneration 2 while in combat. (Leggings)
  • Thunderstruck: When a player is hit with a bow, there is a chance the victim will be struck by lightning. (Bows)
  • Tunneler: Mines in a 3x3 area. (Pickaxes)
  • Wither: Gives the enemy the Wither effect. (Swords/Axes)
Legendary Enchantments:
  • Boo: Shift + Right-Click to become invisible for 3 seconds (2m cooldown) (Chestplates)
  • Grind: Increases EXP earned from killing hostile mobs. (Swords)
  • LifeSteal: Chance to steal health from enemy players. (Swords/Axes)
  • Necromancer: When in combat, gives a chance of spawning zombies and skeletons to aid you in battle. (Boots)
  • Pyromaniac: Chance to cover enemy player in lava. (Axes)
  • QuickRevive: When your health is below 2HP (1 heart), instantly gain 6HP and God Apple effects. (Chestplates)
  • ReturnToSender: Chance to keep your item upon death. (Swords/Axes)

Spawner / Economy Updates
Although the Skyblock economy will stay relatively similar to the current release, we are making updates to Spawner Drops so that this type of grinding will be more appealing to players. The Spawner economy is programmed to be similar to Farms, so players may utilise both options whilst working their way up the island top list. In addition to this, spawners will now be stackable, and mob stacking has also been greatly improved.

Gem Transformers
Another highly requested feature has been the addition of Gem Transformers, and I’m happy to announce that this category will be added to our store upon server release. By using a Gem Transformer, you can quickly and easily convert a large area of Cobblestone into much more valuable gem blocks. Gem Transformers will be available in variants of 5, 8 and 10 block radius.

Misc Updates
And now for some miscellaneous updates...

Factions Update
Factions will be removed from the Prime Network indefinitely. It’s only truthful to say that we haven’t put a lot of focus into this server, and since it isn't a gamemode that is very popular on Prime - we don’t see a prosperous future with it on our network. Factions will make place for a different gamemode in the near future and will be removed during the Skyblock Maintenance window tomorrow. Players who have purchased non-consumables (such as addons and ranks) on Factions are eligible for compensation and may open a purchase request.

Island Top Rewards (April)
Thanks to all our members for the dedication which they have shown this month! As always, we will be announcing our Island Top Rewards. The players below have made it to the list for April. These stats were collected on April 30th at 6:40AM EST.

Skyblock Cloud:
  • 1st place: bmvdbcrafter ($100 store voucher)
  • 2nd place: bmvdbcrafter_3 ($50 store voucher)
  • 3th place: iMalibu ($25 store voucher)
Skyblock Void:
  • 1st place: Yentl ($100 store voucher)
  • 2nd place: ThatFlyingSmurf ($50 store voucher)
  • 3th place: Miiikee ($25 store voucher)
Congratulations to all! You will all be messaged with your gift cards shortly!

Final Note
This reset is a new chapter for Prime. We hope you are excited about what we are releasing and cannot wait to deliver you this updated Skyblock experience. The management team will be available on Discord throughout the time of the reset, so be sure to come and chat with us.

See you all on Saturday!

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Jan 31, 2016
Hopefully this update will have no cf tax! Who is with me?
Jan 3, 2016
Hopefully by then wands will be fixed too!! ;)
Oct 16, 2016
Will the Monthly kits stay? Or do they get removed during the reset


Aug 12, 2016
We Archon now boys
Apr 9, 2019
Do we keep wands that we bought on the store ? And spicks ?


Aug 12, 2016
Waiting after reading more, this is legit just The Archon with config changes..
Apr 27, 2018
Now, we just need more stuff for prison & survival

By the way, great update. Looking forward for the future.
Feb 16, 2019
Ik heb /fly als addon gekocht.
Dus die hou ik :D (toch?)