Skyblock Reset Information | June 28th, 2PM EST

May 19, 2019
and do our mobcoins drop to zero after the reset?
Dec 19, 2015
will it be possible to get wither skeleton spawners this time around


Jan 31, 2018
Hope you guys are happy with the reset! Let me know what you all think :)
Oct 2, 2016
This season is pretty much the same as last season. It's just this first few days where people are still struggling to get money, until all the people who bought ahead amass more spawners to make profit shops and so on thus distributing money to the people and pretty much ending up the same as last season.

Not that I'm hating of course. I actually like that you guys tried to make mining more active by making cobble gens less useful at the start, it makes it more fun and less afk centered (even though some people are still got around that lol). I just kinda hate how people got a huge boost for buying spicks, mobcoin gens, and other paid stuff but I get that Prime needs money, just wish people with not a lot of money had a chance in reaching the same progress that rich people currently has.
Mar 1, 2016
I totally agree with RapidZen. It is easy to see this server is still pay to win.
Apr 11, 2016
Hope you guys are happy with the reset! Let me know what you all think :)
When will the next reset be? Mojang still hasn't replied yet and as of this, I do not have access to my Minecraft account. I just don't want to join in too far behind.