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May 30, 2018
Skyblock Frequently Asked Questions

[Last updated: 04/08/2019]

:mc_6-0: Island
Q: How do I start an island?
A: Type in the command /is, you can choose between 4 different starter islands.

Q: How do I get back to my island using a command?
A: You can simply use the command /is home
Note: If you are on more than one island you can use /is home <player name>

Q: How do I update my island level?
A: You can use the command /is calc to update your island levels, the new total will show on the right of your screen under Levels.

Q: How do I check the level of another player?
A: With the /is level <player> command

Q: How can I increase my island level?
A: To increase your island level, you can place valuable blocks. The more island levels/value per block, the better! These include dragon eggs, diamond blocks and emerald blocks. Use the command /values for a list of blocks and their respective island levels.

Q: How do I change my island settings?
A: These settings are called flags. With these you can do things such as enabling block breaking and natural mob-spawning, which will affect who you choose. Use /is flags or click the banner on the /is GUI.

Q: How do I create a cobblestone generator?
A: This is hard to explain; so here is a video showing how a basic generator can be made, here.
If you wish to make the generator more complex/better, you can use this.

Q: My island cobble generator is only spawning cobble and coal, why?
A: This is because your ore generator is not leveled up enough. Upgrading your ore generators can be done though the /is menu > Island Upgrades > Ore Generator

Q: What is my island hopper limit?
A: The default hopper limit of each island is 100. You can increase this limit by purchasing an island hopper limit upgrade in the store.

Q: How many robots can I have on my island?
A: You can have up to 5 robots on an island at a given time. This limit can be increased by purchasing an island upgrade in the store.

Q: How do I use my island chat?
A: Use /ischat <name of island leader>

Q: I think someone griefed my island! What do I do?
A: Please notify a senior staff member immediately so that they can check block/chest history, issue a punishment, and hopefully be able to refund you.

:mc_63-0: Basic Commands
Q: How can I teleport to another player?
A: You can request to tp to them with /tpa <player>. To request someone to teleport to you, use /tpahere <name>. To cancel your tpa request, simply do /tpacancel. To prevent people from sending you teleport requests, use /tptoggle (only available to certain ranks).

Q: How can I marry someone?
A: You can marry them with /marry <player>
You can also /marry tp (force teleport to them)
And /marry gift (give them the item in your hand)

Q: How can I privately message someone?
A: You /msg <player> or /pm <player>. If they are offline, use /mail <player>

Q: How can I trade items with someone?
A: You can /trade <player>

Q: How can I create a nickname?
A: You can use /nick
Note, you need Myth Rank or above or the Add-On

Q: How can I create a coloured nickname?
A: Use colour codes before your nickname, for example /nick &4SqueakyBeak. More information can be found here.

Q: How do I withdraw money or XP?
A: Use the command /withdraw <money/exp> <amount>

Q: How do I check someone else’s balance?
A: Use /balance (name)

Q: How do I withdraw mobcoins?
A: Use /mobcoins withdraw <amount>

Q: How do I check when someone was last on or how long they have been online?
A: Use the /seen <name> command

Q: How do I reveal someone’s real name when they are using a nick?
A: Use /realname <nickname>

:mc_388-0: Island Upgrades:
Q: What are island upgrades and how do I get them?
A: Island upgrades, such as increased boundaries, essentially upgrade your island and can be found in the store. Other upgrades include increased hopper limits, increased robot limit, and island fly ability.

:mc_138-0: Server Features:
Please click on one of the spoilers to see information about the server features.

Q: Where can I find the links to vote?
A : These can be found on

Q: What do I get from voting?
A: You get vote tokens which can be spent in /vote menu. Here, you can purchase things with your tokens, for example kits or vote keys.

Q: Are the Vote kits permanent?
A: No, these kits are only given once upon purchase.

Q: I bought a vote key, but where can I redeem it?
A: You can redeem it at /warp crates, look for the Vote Crate and right click it with your key (the tripwire hook)

Q: I’ve voted but I haven’t received my tokens, how can I fix this?
A: You can fix this by relogging, if this still doesn’t work, please contact a member of staff.

Q: What are coin flips?
A: In game a virtual coin is flipped. You select heads or tails and someone will accept the flip, and one of you will win the amount both of you had bet.

Q: How do I start a coin flip?
A: Simply use the command /cf new <amount> <heads/tails>

Q: How can I see / join an outstanding coin flip?
A: You can go to the coinflip menu with /cf to view all current coin flips. Hover over the skull to see the amount and click on it to partake in the flip.

Q: How do I view the auction house?
A: Do the command /ah

Q: How do I sell something on the AH?
A: Use /ah sell <price>. Note that you can only sell up to 3 items at a time. A stack of items counts as one item when listed together.

Q: Where do cancelled or expired items go?
A: You can reclaim them at /ah expired

Q: How do I get custom enchants?
A: Visit the enchanter at spawn or do /enchanter

Q: What are crystals and scrolls?
A: Scrolls of four different rarities (common, uncommon, rare, legendary) can be purchased from the Enchanter with XP. Right click a scroll to turn it into a custom enchant crystal.

Q: How do I use crystals?
A: Drag and drop the crystal onto the item you want it to be added into. Remember at all crystals have a 5% destroy rate! This means that when applying a crystal, there is a 5% chance that your item will break and disappear.

Q: What is a protection scroll?
A: A protection scroll protects your item from an unlucky enchant. Instead of your item breaking, the protection scroll will protect it and only the crystal will be lost. Each scroll can only protect against one unlucky crystal!

Q: What are mobcoins and how do I get/use them?
A: Mobcoins are another currency on the server. They have a chance of dropping when a mob is killed. Do /mobcoins to check your mobcoins balance and to spend your mobcoins on a variety of cool exclusive items!

Q: What are mobcoin generators?
A: Mobcoin generators generate mobcoins and also boost your island level! A Tier 1 Gen gives 20,000 island levels, a Tier 2 gives 40,000 and so on. Note that an island may only have a maximum of 3 of each tier generator on it.

Q: How many mobcoins does each mob drop?
A: You can find a chart with all the drops, here.

Q: How do I withdraw mobcoins?
A: Use /mobcoins withdraw <amount>

Q: Where can I purchase Monthly Crates and Keys?
A: These can be purchased off our store on the website, here. Keys can also be purchased in game with mobcoins.

Q: What do monthly crates give me?
A: Monthly crates could give you exclusive items such as a blaze disguise, or add on/rank notes that give you the respective add on or rank if you redeem it in game.

Q: Can I redeem my monthly kit more than once?
A: Yes, monthly kits can be redeemed every 48 hours.

Q: Where can I redeem my keys?
A: Keys can be redeemed at /warp crates.

Q: Which rank is the best?
A: Legendary is the best rank on the server, it offers the most commands and abilities. However, to find the perfect rank for you, you can use this rank comparison sheet.

Q: Where can I purchase ranks from?
A: You can purchase them from our store at

Q: Are there rank upgrades that I can purchase?
A: Yes, these are under Rank Upgrades.

Q: How can I see what benefits my rank offers?
A: Use the command /ranks in game to see perks of each rank.

Q: What is a hopper wand?
A: A hopper wand allows you to link a hopper with any chest on your island.

Q: What is a sell wand?
A: Use a sell wand by right clicking a chest to automatically sell all the items in that chest!

Q: What is a condense wand?
A: A condense wand turns all ingots into their block forms. This works on coal, iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds

Q: What is a mob coins wand?
A: A mob coin wand redeems all the mobcoins in a chest when you right click the chest with the wand.

Q: What are add-ons?
A: Add-ons are certain perks that come with ranks that you can purchase by themselves or exclusive perks that even the highest ranks don’t have. Add-ons include autosell, item renamer, and spawner mining.

Full list of Add Ons available through the store:

*Exclusive indicates that the add on is not available in any of our ranks

[Exclusive] Item Renamer- allows you to rename an item held in your hand to say anything you like. Color codes and formatting codes are supported.

[Exclusive] Autosell- allows you to automatically sell all of the items that you receive in your inventory, with a configurable filter and interval. This allows you to specifically choose which items you would like to sell, and which ones you do not.

[Exclusive] Custom Chat Tag- allows you to create and setup an unlimited amount of your very own chat tags (Colors allowed).

[Exclusive] Pickup Filter- allows you to select which specific items you would like to pickup from the ground, and which ones you would rather keep outside of your inventory.

[Exclusive] Speed Dial- allows you to setup quick and easy macros which link to longer, more complicated commands. The macros are available via both GUI and command.

[Exclusive] Colorizer- allows you to change your chat color to any desirable color from an easy GUI, except for admin colors (&4 and &c).

Block Converter- allows you to convert refined resources (eg. Coal, Diamond, Iron Ingots,...) into minerals (eg. Coal Block, Diamond Block, Iron Block,...) via command.

Mob Catching- allows you to easily catch animals and mobs by throwing a chicken egg at them. The mob will then automatically transform into a usable egg.

Tree Assist- allows you to quickly chop down entire trees by simly destroying the bottom log. Every attached log will then fall down on the ground.

Spawner Mining- allows you to easily mine any spawner straight to your inventory, with or without Silk Touch.

Spawner Changing- allows you to quickly change spawners to any spawner type, simply by looking at it and executing the command.

Night Vision- allows you to see with full brightness in darker places, where you normally wouldn't be able to see anything.

Item Repairer- allows you to quickly fix items which are placed inside your inventory. It is possible to fix single items, or all the items in your inventory.

Potion Stacker- allows you to quickly stack potions which are placed inside your inventory. It is possible to stack single potions, or all the potions in your inventory.

Custom Hats- allows you to set one of the blocks in your inventory as a hat, placed inside of your character's head.

God Powers- allows you to toggle God Mode, which makes you invincible to hunger, and all types of damage (except in combat).

Q: What do chunk hoppers do?
A: Chunk hoppers automatically collect all items (from a whitelist configurable in its GUI menu) that drop in its chunk. These items can then be transferred to chests.

Q: What drops to chunk hoppers pick up/not pick up?
A: Chunk hoppers pick up player-dropped items and mined blocks. They DO NOT pick up items that flow into their chunk via a water stream.

Q: What are robots (minions)?
A: Robots are minions that can help you with everyday server tasks such as mining or chunk loading. A full list of robot tiers and their abilities can be found on the Store. They can also be purchased with mobcoins.

Q: Will my robot still continue its job if I go offline?
A: Robots stay spawned only up to 3 hours after you log off.

Q: How many robots can I have on my island?
A: The default robot limit per island is 5 but this can be extended up to 20 through the purchase of robot limit island upgrades in the Store.

Q: Can I convert my robot back into an egg?
A: As of now, no.

Q: How do I respawn my robot?
A: You can manage your robots in the robot GUI found in /robots. You can change its name, armor, and location this way.

Q: After using the spawn egg, where do they go, and what can I do?
A: They go to your /robots menu. They can activate a chunk/spawners, mine ores or kill mobs.

Q: What is the spawner loading radius for robots?
A: It is a 16x16 area.

Q: How do I get cosmetics?
A: Cosmetics are obtained through cosmetic keys which can be redeemed at /warp crates.

Q: How do I view or use my cosmetics?
A: There are three types of cosmetics each with their own GUIs: /particles, /disguises, and /pets

Q: Do I keep my cosmetics after a reset?
A: Yes

Q: How can I create a shop?
A: Type [SHOP] on a sign on a chest. It will then bring you to the playershop GUI which will walk you through setting up the shop. A more detailed guide can be found here.

:mc_397-0: Spawners
Q: Can I mine spawners?
A: Only PrimeGods and legendary ranked players can mine spawners (PrimeGods need a silk touch pick). Spawner mining is also an add on that can be purchased through the store.

Q: How do I change a spawner?
A: Only Legendary ranked players can change spawners using /spawner <mob>. This perk is also an add on.

Q: Is there an easier way to place/mine spawners in bulk.
A: Use the command /pickupstacked to mine a stack of spawners at a time and use /placestack to place up to a stack at a time.

Q: Why can’t I place spawners next to each other?
A: Spawners placed next to another spawner of the same time are automatically stacked up to 64 spawners. Different stacks of spawners must be placed at least 2 blocks apart.

:mc_264-0: Buycraft:
Q: I haven’t received something that I purchased from the store/something I purchased isn’t working properly. What do I do?
A: For all purchase related issues, please create a Purchase Support Thread

Q: What store items do I keep forever and which items do I lose during a reset?
A: Consumables (super items, keys, mob coin gens, etc) are all lost- unless they were purchased within a week before the reset in which they will be automatically reimbursed after the reset. Ranks, add-ons (3x multiplier, autosell, etc), cosmetics, monthly kits, etc are not reset and will be kept after each reset.

:mc_166-0: Server Rules:
Q: What’s the difference between a reboot and a reset?
A: A reboot happens daily where all players are kicked to the hub for approximately 1-2 minutes while the server restarts itself. Progress will not be lost. A reset happens every few months where progress (is levels, balance, PVs, etc) are lost and everyone starts anew.

Q: Is the use of macros allowed?
A: Automated macros are not allowed; however, non-automated keybinds are allowed.

Q: What modifications are allowed on the Prime Network?
A: An entire list of all disallowed modifications can be found, here. If you are still unsure about any modifications, feel free to message a staff member.

Q: Are AFK pools allowed?
A: You are allowed to AFK regardless of your rank so AFK pools are not necessary.

Q: What do I do if someone is spamming me with commands such as PMs or teleport requests?
A: Please notify a staff member if there is one online. If not, screenshot it and report it on the forums.

Q: How do I report players when they break a rule?
A: Use the /report command in game for a link to the reports section of our forums.

Q: I’ve been banned, how can I get unbanned?
A: You can appeal if you believe you were falsely banned, here. You can also purchase an unban on the store.

Q: It wasn’t me who was hacking, it was my brother on my account, can you unban me please?
A: No, your account is your responsibility, and all rules broken by that account will be punished accordingly.

Q: When will my ban appeal be answered?
A: The appeals team will answer it when they can get around to it; you’re not the only one with an appeal, please be patient!

:mc_397-3: Staff:
Q: Can staff change my spawners or mine them for me?
A: This depends on the staff member you ask, as they may not have the Add-on or rank. It also may be determined by how busy the staff member is, so politely ask them in chat.

Q: Can I become a staff member?
A: Anyone can become a staff member if they work hard enough towards it, and meets all the requirements. Once ready, you can apply here!
Note: if the application is not available to you, it means you do not meet the minimum requirements (the required 25 forum posts).

Q: Can staff sign my island?
A: If staff have the time, feel free to msg or ask them. Please do not harass them, as island signatures are not an urgent issue.

Q: Who is currently staff?
A: A list of staff can be found here. They will all be happy to help with any issues you may have.

Q: I need help but no staff members are online! What do I do?
A: The best method of contacting staff members outside of the game is through the PrimeMC Discord.

Q: I’ve found a staff member abusing their permissions or breaking rules, how can I report them?
A: You can privately message an Administrator (@KaosLord) or (@Lenkin)
Note, you must have some sufficient evidence.

If you have any further questions which haven't been answered here, please start a conversation with a staff member.

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