schematic printer it's tweaked and allowed on similar servers

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Mar 14, 2017

attn: @Affixes

I googled around to find out how some servers could allow printer of schematica and found they're tweaking it to work slower, This is copied reply of other forums explain it : Haste makes the printer more buggy. You can try making the Placement Delay longer (Mod Settings-->Schematica-->Printer)

The staff on that server agreed and allow this mod in fact they encourage players to use it to boost the server overall game play level on all game modes including factions (cannons) skyblock (farms) survival (farms/buildings) prison (plots buildings) it's obvious how printer could make the game easier.

I guess that will make more players want to play more and longer which results in more sales, I understand printer could cause more load on the servers but it's very useful and worth the shot if some tweaking could make it works smooth then kindly consider looking in this and allow printer function.

May 2, 2016
Hello! Please make a thread in suggestion instead, thank you!

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