Prison FAQ

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May 30, 2018
Prison FAQ

:mc_16-0: Basic Commands
Q: How do I go to spawn?

A: You can go to spawn with /spawn. You can also do /warps to see a various amount
of different warps.

Q: I found a bug? I want to report someone?
A: If you’ve a bug to be reported, do /forums and make an account if you don’t
have one and scroll down to the bug reports section. You can use the command
/report for a quick link to our report form.

Q: Are there kits?
A: There are! Simply do /kits to view them. There are 4 kits. Rank Kit, Premium
Kit, Prestige Kit & Pickaxe Kit. For beginners, do /kit pickaxe.

Q: Can I teleport to another player?
A: Type /tpa <player> to send a teleportation request. The other player must do
/tpaccept to accept your request. You may decline a request by doing /tpdeny

Q: How does it work and how can I use /nick?
A: You must be Myth or higher to use it. It works by typing /nick <custom
nickname>. For example: /nick &4Creeper1841. This will make your nick to a
dark red coloured nick. If you want more info, mind checking out this tutorial:
Click Here

:mc_15-0:Ranks & Ranking Up
Q: Where do I see the ranks?
A: The ranks are essentially the alphabet but you can see them by doing /mines

Q: How do I go to the mines?
A: You can do /mines again or do /<rank>. For example /a will take you to mine A
Note: You must the the rank to mine there. Being teleported to a different mine for
example mine Z and you’re only rank E, you won’t be able to mine there.

Q: How to rank mines work?
A: These are custom mines to your rank. They are often better than most other A-Z
mines and can be accessed doing /<rank name> - For example, /elite.

Q: How do I rankup?
A: You can do /rankup or /ru to rankup. You’ll be asked to confirm, you do that by typing
/rankup again. It tells you the price in the message mentioned in chat.

Q: Are there alternatives to view the prices rank ups?
A: Yes. You can see your balance & progress as well price in the actionbar. You can
also see various information on the scoreboard on the right.

Q: How do I upgrade my pickaxe?
A: You can upgrade your pickaxe using eTokens from your kits/on the store. Use your
tokens at /warp tokens. eTokens are mentioned below.

:mc_73-0: Prestige
Q: How do I prestige?
A: Simply do /prestige. You’ll have to pay a certain price and you have to be Rank Z

Q: The price is a really weird number; “2,0106e+10”?
A: The number is weird but it’s and it increases by that every prestige.

Q: How many prestiges are there?
A: There are 15 prestiges. You can view them by doing /prestiges

Q: How does it work?
A: Once you do /prestige you’ll be asked to confirm, once you do that, your Balance &
Mine Rank resets (For example Z). You’ll have 0$ and be Rank A. Your Premium Rank
and Perks are kept.

Q: What do I get from Prestige?
A: You can get new Prestige kits with /kits. Remember you must be P1 (Prestige 1) or
higher. These rewards include a pickaxe, mine bombs, one-time money note and a
temporary money multiplier note.

Q: What is a plot?
A: A plot is a 64x64 piece of land that you may build on.

Q: How do I get one and what’s the limit?
A: Do /plot auto and you will be automatically transferred to a plot. The Default limit is
one plot per user.

Q: Can I increase my plot limit?
A: Yes you can! Either purchase a rank or buy it separately. Type /buy in-game for a
quick link.

Q: How do I add my friends to my plot?
A: Do /plot trust <name>. They will now have access to build, break and access
containers. Or you can use the command /plot add <name> to give permissions to that
player to build whilst you are online. To remove the friend, use the command /plot
remove <name>

Q: There is someone annoying me on my plot, how can I ban them?
A: Use the command /plot deny <name> to ban them from your plot.

Q: I want to remove everything on my plot, how can I do this?
A: You can use the command /plot clear and then /plot confirm to confirm its clearance.
NOTE: This is not reversible.

Q: How do I teleport to a plot?
A: Do /plot home <Name of the plot owner> [plot number]. For example: “/plot h
Creeper1841 2”. This will teleport you to Creeper1841’s second plot.

Q: So, I’m running an event on my plot, how do I specifically speak to the people on my

A: To enable and enter the chat on your plot, use the command /plot chat (on) and to
leave the chat use /plot chat
If you wish to see more commands regarding plots. Try /plot help in-game

:mc_21-0: Plotmines
Q: What is a plotmine?
A: A plotmine is a private mine that you may place on your plot.

Q: How do I get one?
A: You can buy them on the store. Type /buy in-game for a quick link

Q: How do I get custom presets?
A: You can buy them on the store. Type /buy in-game for a quick link

:mc_129-0: Mines
Q: Are there prestige mines?
A: There aren’t any prestige mines

Q: How does the prices work in the mines?
A: When you do /sellall, you will sell to the mine you’re in or sell it to your rank. For
example if you’re rank Z and you sell a stack of lapis at your plot, you will sell it for the
price you’ll get from mine Z. There is a hologram in every mine, you will get most money
out of the rarest block in the mine.

Q: What are these eTokens?
A: eTokens stand for Enchant Tokens. It’s a currency you use to upgrade your gear.

Q: Where & how do you use them?
A: You use the tokens at /warp tokens. You can also simply do /spawn and walk forward
to the sign. You right click a sign while holding the tool you wish to upgrade.

Q: How do I get them?
A: One way is milestones; if you mine 100 blocks you will get a certain amount of
eTokens. Another way is to just mine. Every 10000 blocks you mine, you will get 2
eTokens. Also you can get these from kits. It’s not recommended as the amount is very

Q: How do I view my current amount of eTokens?
A: Simply do /te or /tokens

Q: Is it possible to withdraw these tokens?
A: Yes, do /te withdraw <amount>.

Q: About these milestones, can I view all of them?
A: No, you can’t.

:mc_285-0: Multipliers
Q: What does multipliers do?
A: There are 2 types; Temporary & Permanent. Temporary multipliers are given in
events or prestige kit. For example; Santa Claus comes with rewards every Christmas.
Permanent multipliers are bought on the store.

Q: Which multipliers come in what kit?
A: Check out this link for more:

:mc_276-0: PvP and Kits
Q: How do I go to PVP?
A: Type /warp pvp in chat. You may also do /warps for a GUI of warps.

Q: I want to upgrade my gear and are there Custom enchants?
A: There are certainly Custom Enchants. You can upgrade your gear at /warp tokens.
You use eTokens as mentioned above.

Q: What do I get out pvp?
A: You get other people’s head if there is a bounty set upon them. You also get all the
loot in their inventory upon their death.

Q: I’ve just redeemed McMMO credits from an McMMO note, what do I do now?
A: You can redeem your credits to increase your skill levels in a certain area using the
command /redeem (skill) (amount)

Q: What is McMMO used for?
A: It is used to give you special abilities. One example is the ability to brew Haste potions
to mine ores faster. This can only be done once your McMMO Herbalism level is at 125.

:mc_56-0: Forums Help
Q: Where can I find the rules?
A: You can find the rules here:

Q: I’ve found someone breaking the rules, how can I report them?
A: You can report them in a player report, using this form here: PLEASE NOTE: You will need
valid evidence, please check the requirements here.

Q: I have not received a purchase, how can I get it?
A: You should automatically get your purchase within 15 minutes of purchase. If you don’t get it,
you can create a purchase support thread using this form here:

Q: I think I’ve been banned/muted falsely, how can I get

A: You can try creating a ban appeal with this form here:

:mc_57-0: Tips
> Upgrade your pickaxe as frequently as you move up a rank - keeping an advanced pickaxe
as you move up will pay off in the long run.

> Create shops on your plot as an extra area of income.

> Don’t worry about food or farming food - hunger is disabled on Prison.

> Grinding with Haste Potions can speed up your mining speed and rank you up mines swiftly,
using these often can prove to be effective.

> If you ever have any other questions about our Prison server - or there is anything you don’t
understand - please don’t hesitate to ask a staff member.

End of FAQ

With thanks to @Creeper1841
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