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Jan 31, 2018
PrimeMC: Official Server Rules

This document contains all global and individual server rules that our players are required to follow while playing on Prime. Failure to follow these rules will result in your account being punished by server staff. Action is taken on a case-by-case basis and may differ depending on the violation and staff member handling your file.

IMPORTANT: Staff members always have the final say. Whether you broken an actual rule or not, if there is reason to believe your behaviour is disrupting the experience of others, you may face consequences. Players who use common sense, should not have an issue.

Our rules change frequently, so it is recommended that you check this post regularly.
Last update: 23-05-2019 (6:54PM UTC)

Part A: Chat Rules (Public/Private)
These rules apply to messages sent in chat, whether it is public or private. Violation of these rules may result in warnings, chat mutes (temporary and permanent) or server bans. Please remember that staff can see ALL private messages that are sent on the server.
  1. PG-13: Any and all chat must be done keeping PG-13 in mind. No use of profane or mature language is allowed in chat. This includes bypassing the filter.
    Example: “F*ck this sh*t!!”

  2. Accusations: Accusing other players of certain acts is not allowed through in-game chat. This includes hackusating or scamusating. Please choose to report players on our forums instead, otherwise staff cannot help you.
    Example: “Somebody is using hacks!!”

  3. Equality & Respect: You are expected to treat all players with equality and respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Any form of hatred or rude behaviour is prohibited, especially behaviour of toxic kind. Under disrespect we suggest any statement that may be second guessed by you or another player.
    Example: “LOL somebody looks like ... in real life”

  4. Racism: Any form of racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, or other discriminating comments/actions against another player is prohibited and will be punished in full effect.
    Example: “Somebody is a n***er”

  5. Spamming: Any form of spamming (including encouraging others to spam) is not allowed in chat or private messaging channels. This includes: sending the same message multiple times, and spamming (special) characters.
    Examples: “dgoijdfiojdfijojdf”, “TP for an event”, “TP for an event!!”, “TP for an event!!!”

  6. Caps: Use of excessive caps is not allowed in chat or private DM.
    Example: “DID YOU SEE THAT??!!”

  7. Asking for money/ranks: Asking others for money or server ranks is not allowed. This includes asking to exchange server items for in-game ranks.
    Examples: “Can I have OP??”, “Giving 6k for Titan Rank!”

  8. Private Information: Sharing or asking for (any part of) private information, including but not limited to: (IP) address, current location, last name and credit card information, is strictly prohibited and will be punished to full extent. Respect each other’s privacy.
    Example: “What is your last name?”

  9. Inappropriate Links: Sharing links of inappropriate sites, or distributing inappropriate pictures is not allowed and will be punished accordingly.
    Example: “Watch ****”

  10. Language: English is the main server language. A large share of our playerbase also speaks Dutch. These are the two official languages that may be spoken in public chat. Other languages may be spoken in private.
    Example: Obvious

  11. Impersonation: Impersonating other players or staff members is strictly prohibited. Using nicknames to impersonate others will result in you permanently losing your nicknaming ability.
    Example: “I am (staff)’s alt!”

  12. Moderating: We appreciate all kinds of additional help from our players, but it is not tolerated to enforce or command a player to follow a specific rule (aka. “minimodding”), even if they are being extensively rude. We have moderators in-place that can take care of these issues. Please report players to our forums instead of arguing with them.
    Example: “Speak English or you will be banned!”

  13. Honesty: Players are expected to be honest while speaking to our staff. Any form of lying or teasing will not be tolerated.
    Example: “Maybe I have hacks, maybe not.”

  14. Mute Evading: Trying to evade your mute by using certain commands is prohibited, and may result in additional (higher) punishment.
    Example: Obvious

  15. Advertising: Any kind of advertising is strictly prohibited. This includes advertising other Minecraft servers or your social media channels. Anything related to Prime is fine. New server players who advertise right upon first join will be permanently banned.
    Example: “Check out my YouTube channel:…”

  16. Selling Services: Selling or performing and kind of paid-for services is strictly not allowed on Prime.
    Example: "I will AFK on your account"

  17. Hate Speech: Any form of hate speech is not allowed, including calling out in-game players or features on the server.
    Examples: “Somebody sucks in PvP!”, “The economy sucks!”

  18. Flame Wars: Starting or partaking in a flame war is prohibited.
    Examples: “You are trash kiddo”, “He is really trash”, “f off u both”,...

  19. PMC/MCList Scams: Claiming to be part of a voting or server list site is not allowed.
    Examples: “I am from PMC, OP me to review your server.”

  20. Threats: Threatening other players of death (eg. telling them to kill themselves), or making statements about hurting or killing yourself are strictly prohibited. The same goes for hacking or DDoS threats.
    Examples: “I will come to your house and murder you.”, “I’m going to DDoS you”
Part B: Gameplay Rules
These rules apply to server gameplay, and the way it affects others. Violation of these rules may result in warnings, chat mutes (temporary and permanent) or server bans. In general, anything that disturbs the experience of other players is not allowed.
  1. Command Abuse: Any kind of abuse from a command that you received via the store or voting is strictly prohibited. This includes using your commands for another players.
    Example: Spamming /kittycannon to annoy other players

  2. Nicknames: Using your nickname to say inappropriate things or to impersonate other players is prohibited. This falls hand-in-hand with the chat rules covered in Part A.
    Example: Using /nick to impersonate a staff member

  3. Faction/Party Names: Using your faction, party, gang or any other form of group feature name on the server to display inappropriate names is prohibited.
    Example: Renaming your Faction to “CancerSquad”

  4. TP Killing: Asking other players to teleport to you for false reasons is not allowed.
    Example: Asking a player to teleport to you for free items, but player dies on teleport.

  5. Bug Abuse: Abusing server bugs to give yourself benefit over others is prohibited.
    Examples: Duping items, intentionally crashing the server, giving an unfair advantage,...

  6. Scamming/Stealing: Stealing items from other players, or scamming them in any way whatsoever is prohibited. Our staff will do an effort to return scammed items if there is significant proof. Fake Evidence is a bannable offence.
    Example: A exchanges 10k for Diamonds from B, however B doesn’t provide the items.

  7. Building: Building offensive or inappropriate structures are not allowed and will be removed. It takes seconds for us to rollback, please don’t waste your time.
    Example: Creating swastikas, penises, or other racially inappropriate builds.

  8. Inappropriate Character/Names: Using an inappropriate skin, cape or in-game name is prohibited and will result in your account being banned.
    Example: Using a nude body skin.

  9. Griefing: Griefing other players is strictly prohibited, and although punishable, we cannot be held responsible for any of your belongings being destroyed by unauthorised server players. You are responsible for protecting your own builds. Griefing on Factions is allowed, given this is part of the game. Taking Island Levels on Skyblock without permission is considered griefing.
    Example: Destroying the island of a server player without permission.
Part C: Combat Rules
These rules apply to combat on the server. Violation of these rules may result in warnings and/or server bans. In general, anything interfering with regular server PvP is prohibited.
  1. Hacked Clients: Using any form of unauthorized or modded client/modification to change your gameplay is strictly forbidden from the server. For a list of allowed modifications, please check out the appropriate thread on our forums.
    Examples: Using kill aura (aimbot), reach, speed adjustments,...

  2. Spawn killing: Repeatedly spawn killing is strictly forbidden.
    Example: Obvious

  3. Commands: Abusing any of your donator commands in combat is prohibited.
    Example: Abusing /god while in combat.

  4. Kill Farming/Boosting: Teaming up with an alt or other server player to earn free kills (and therefore up your killstreak) is strictly prohibited.
    Example: Killing the same player over and over and them showing no fight back.

  5. PvP Logging: PvP logging, teleporting away or running to a non-pvp zone (“safezone”) is forbidden. We have protection in place to prevent most situations, however those capable of bypassing this protection will be punished by the fullest extent.
    Example: Teleporting away while in combat.
Part D: Misc Rules
These rules apply to combat on the server. Violation of these rules may result in warnings and/or server bans.
  1. Alternate Accounts: It is allowed to use multiple accounts to play on our network, however if at any point in time one of your accounts become banned, the usage of any other account would fall under "Ban Evading", which is prohibited. Doing so anyway will result in an IP ban.
    Example: Using an alt account to evade a ban on your other account.

  2. Charging Back: Charging back a payment to the server is strictly forbidden. Charging back payments made for other users will also be punished to the fullest extent.
    Example: Obvious
Part E: Skyblock Specific Rules
These rules specifically apply to the Skyblock gamemode on the server. Violation of these rules may result in warnings and/or server bans.
  1. Splitting Value/Island Wealth: Splitting Island Wealth in order to gain an advantage to win (multiple) payouts is prohibited. Participating in the island top competition is limited to one island per player.
    Example: If you are on island top 1 and 3 will mean that neither island will gain the rewards.
    • Using alternate islands and accounts to gain money / levels is allowed, providing the island does not exceed 10,000 levels. Any alt islands exceeding this limit will be disqualified from the island top rewards
    • The use of mobcoin generators on alternate islands is not allowed. Any linked accounts or islands will receive a warning and will be disqualified from the rewards for that week.
    • If you or an alternate account are a member of multiple islands participating in island top, both islands will be disqualified from gaining the rewards.
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