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Jan 31, 2018
PrimeMC: Official Forum Rules

This document contains all rules that our players are required to follow while using the Prime Forums. Failure to follow these rules will result in your account being punished by server staff, and may have consequences for your access to our network in-game. Action is taken on a case-by-case basis and may differ depending on the violation and staff member.

IMPORTANT: Staff members always have the final say. Whether you broken an actual rule or not, if there is reason to believe your behaviour is disrupting the experience of others, you may face consequences. Players who use common sense, should not have an issue.

Our rules change frequently, so it is recommended that you check this post regularly.
Last update: 07-08-2018 (12:37PM UTC)

Part A: General Rules
These rules apply to all of the posts, threads and other messages posted on our forums, whether they are private or in public. Violation of these rules may result in warnings, mutes (temporary and permanent) or server and forum bans. Most in-game rules apply to the forums, and all of the below mentioned rules also apply to the chat box on the site.
  1. PG-13: Any and all messages posted on the forums must be done keeping PG-13 in mind. No use of profane or mature language is allowed.
    Example: “F*ck this sh*t!!”

  2. Accusations: Accusing other players of certain acts is not allowed on the forums. This includes hackusating or scamusating. Please choose to report players instead, otherwise staff cannot help you. Do not message staff in private or report players in the chatbox.
    Example: “Somebody is using hacks!!”

  3. Equality & Respect: You are expected to treat all players with equality and respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Any form of hatred or rude behaviour is prohibited, especially behaviour of toxic kind. Under disrespect we suggest any statement that may be second guessed by you or another player.
    Example: “LOL somebody looks like ... in real life”

  4. Racism: Any form of racist, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, or other discriminating comments/actions against another player is prohibited and will be punished in full effect.
    Example: “Somebody is a n***er”

  5. Spamming: Any form of spamming (including encouraging others to spam) is not allowed on the forums. This includes so called “shitposting” (not contributing anything meaningful to the conversation), but also: sending the same message multiple times, posting the same form multiple times, spamming profile walls, spamming reactions, spamming the shoutbox, spamming (special) characters and using an auto-typer.
    Examples: “dgoijdfiojdfijojdf”, “TP for an event”, “TP for an event!!”, “TP for an event!!!”

  6. Caps: Use of excessive caps is not allowed.
    Example: “DID YOU SEE THAT??!!”

  7. Asking for money/ranks: Asking others for money or server ranks is not allowed. This includes asking to exchange server items for in-game ranks.
    Examples: “Can I have OP??”, “Giving 6k for Titan Rank!”

  8. Private Information: Sharing or asking for (any part of) private information, including but not limited to: (IP) address, current location, last name and credit card information, is strictly prohibited and will be punished to full extent. Respect each other’s privacy.
    Example: “What is your last name?”

  9. Inappropriate Links: Sharing links of inappropriate sites, or distributing inappropriate pictures is not allowed and will be punished accordingly.
    Example: “Watch ****”

  10. Language: English is the main server language. A large share of our playerbase also speaks Dutch. These are the two official languages that may be spoken on the forums. Other languages may be spoken in private.
    Example: Obvious

  11. Impersonation: Impersonating other players or staff members is strictly prohibited. This includes pretending/posting messages “as if” you are a staff member of the server.
    Example: “I am (staff)’s alt!”, “We are going to update the rules”

  12. Moderating: We appreciate all kinds of additional help from our players, but it is not tolerated to enforce or command a player to follow a specific rule (aka. “minimodding”), even if they are being extensively rude. We have moderators in-place that can take care of these issues. Please report players through the right channels instead of arguing.
    Example: “Speak English or you will be banned!”

  13. Honesty: Players are expected to be honest while speaking to our staff. Any form of lying or teasing will not be tolerated.
    Example: “Maybe I have hacks, maybe not.”

  14. Advertising: Any kind of advertising is strictly prohibited. This includes advertising other Minecraft servers or your social media channels. Anything related to Prime is fine.
    Example: “Check out my YouTube channel:…”

  15. Hate Speech: Any form of hate speech is not allowed, including calling out players or features on the forums/server.
    Examples: “Somebody sucks in PvP!”, “The economy sucks!”

  16. Flame Wars: Starting or partaking in a flame war is prohibited.
    Examples: “You are trash kiddo”, “He is really trash”, “f off u both”,...

  17. PMC/MCList Scams: Claiming to be part of a voting or server list site is not allowed.
    Examples: “I am from PMC, OP me to review your server.”

  18. Threats: Threatening other players of death (eg. telling them to kill themselves), or making statements about hurting or killing yourself are strictly prohibited. The same goes for hacking or DDoS threats.
    Examples: “I will come to your house and murder you.”, “I’m going to DDoS you”

  19. Post Farming: Posting messages on the forums purely for the purpose of upping your post count (and adding nothing meaningful to the conversation), is prohibited and may result in your post count being reverted as well as additional punishment.
    Examples: “I agree”, “This should be added”

  20. Necroposting: Posting (often useless) content on a topic that has not been responded to for over two months is not allowed, unless what you are posting is explicitly adding something to the conversation.
    Examples: "wow!!", "Thanks for the information"

  21. Alt Accounts: Creating alternate forum accounts, for whatever the reason, is prohibited unless given explicit permission by a member of the administration team.
    Examples: Obvious
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