Announcement New Updates: Generators, Pickaxes, Pouches and more!


Jan 31, 2018
Hi everyone,

Welcome back to another announcement! We are incredibly excited about the increased popularity in Skyblock lately, and the team would like to continue this positive trend by providing you guys with more frequent updates. Today, we are launching a set of new features on the server, and through this post I'd like to tell you more about them! Let's get started...

Mob Coin Generators
We have just launched Mob Coin Generators on the store and in-game mob coin shop. Generators are physical items which can be deployed on your island in order to generate mob coins. Each generator automatically generates a set amount of coins for every minute that the owner is online (depending on the tier)... and also include extra island levels whilst the generator is deployed. Each island can contain a maximum amount of 3 generators of each type, so that the levels bonus is not abused.

Pouches Update
Another Mob Coins update is the addition of Pouches. Players can now purchase Mob Coin pouches from the server store in a variety of different quantities (ranging from 0 to 3000 coins). These are great if you but don't want to go through the effort of killing mobs, or simply need a quick boost in coins to purchase new items from the mob coin shop.

New Super Items
We just launched 3 new super items on the store: The Trencher Pickaxe, Durable Pickaxe and Smasher Sword. Learn more about them below.
  • Trencher Pickaxe: This pickaxes allows you to mine at a much faster rate than usual, as it will destroy all blocks within a 3x3 area
  • Durable Pickaxe: This pickaxe allows you to mine for a much longer amount of time at once, as the item has a high level of durability
  • Smasher Sword: This sword allows you to kill an entire stack of stacked mobs at once, instead of killing them one a time
Island Top Update
The island top for this week and last week will be paid out today, our apologies for the delay as we were dealing with some technical issues. On the topic of island payouts, please take note the following rule change which was added as of today (but will not impact today's top payout).
  • Splitting Value/Island Wealth: Splitting Island Wealth in order to gain an advantage to win (multiple) payouts is prohibited. Participating in the island top competition is limited to one island per player. Giving out wealth to players, friends or alts to get a double position in the island top is not allowed and will result in your island being disqualified for one week. In addition, all value will be removed from the alt island and the players who are actively participating in the violation will be banned. Please note that using an alt island as a grinder is allowed, but will not count towards payouts and is not allowed to have more than 10.000 island levels on it. If found that you are receiving payments from a disqualified player, we will make a per-case decision to see if your island still qualifies.
Bug Fixes
As you know, we constantly update you guys on changes that we are making to the server via our #changelog channel in Discord. If you haven't joined our Discord server yet, be sure to do so now by clicking here! In the spoiler below, you'll see a list of recent changes that we have made since the launch of the reset.

- Fixed an issue where auto reboots were not working
- Fixed an issue where players could break spawners in the nether
- Fixed an issue where PvP was enabled in the nether
- Fixed an issue where the nether and PvP portals were not working at spawn
- Fixed an issue where island expansions were not working properly
- Fixed an issue where mobs were dropping sunflowers instead of mob coins
- Fixed an issue where player shops could not be credited
- Fixed an issue where particles were not working (added completely new system!)
- Fixed an issue where hoppers were transferring at insanely slow speeds
- Fixed an issue where the amount of island members would not exceed 20
- Fixed an issue where spawners would spawn way too many mobs at once
- Fixed an issue where player shops would bug out with certain item names
- Added the custom enchantments that were announced for the reset
- Added the enchanter NPC to spawn (which sells books)
- Added the nether warp to the /warps GUI
- Added Redstone Ore to the Cobblestone generator
- Added 1.12 items and monsters to the shop
- Updated the range of spawner stacking to 3 blocks instead of 5
- Updated the sell prices of cooked foods
- Updated the signs in /warp shop to show correct prices
- Updated the last reset date in the compass
- Updated the price of /spawner (now 1/5th the cost of the spawner)
- Updated stack size to 99 mobs at a time
- Removed the Fireball enchantment
- Disabled natural mob spawning (spawners etc. still work)
- Removed Factions from the scoreboard

- Released May Crate/Kit
- Updated shop prices
- Released Trencher Pick
- Removed fireball pick and crystals from /enchant and crates
- Fixed Telekinesis enchantment
- Updated store descriptions for plot mines and gem transformers
- Staff can no longer WorldEdit blocks with value for is levels
- Fixed spawn hologram on Void showing the Cloud server
- Edited the price of packed ice
- Fixed an issue with robot eggs disappearing when not placing in a 1x2x1 area or on the side of a block
- Removed Factions from store / website / discord

- Fixed an issue with envoys not working
- Fixed an issue with the Kamikaze enchant not working on some items
- Fixed an issue with buckets from the shop stacking
- Fixed an issue with a typo on the scoreboard (levels text showing 2x)
- Fixed an issue with /stack not working
- Fixed an issue with using the brewing stands at /warp brew
- Fixed an issue with players breaking item frames in the donator shop
- Fixed an issue with the player count being stuck on the same number
- Updated the /leaderboard to show the correct island top
- Added anvils to /warp enchant
- Added /purchasesupport, /report, /appeal, /suggestion and /bug
- Added back Valentine commands (after next reboot)
- Added Robot Microchips to the store
- Added Robot Bundle packages to the store

- Fixed an issue where Robots don't spawn if the "Monster Spawning" flag was disabled on the island
- Fixed an issue where the Robot island limit could be bypassed by using the "Teleport Here' feature
- Fixed an issue where the menu title for Robot Storage was incorrect
- Fixed an issue where vanished players could be seen on the bounty list
- Fixed an issue where the member info in the scoreboard was broken
- Fixed an issue where the island info in the scoreboard sometimes wasn't fetched from the right island
- Fixed an issue where players could use Wands on player shops they do not own on the same island
- Added Mob Coin generators
- Added Durable Pickaxe / Smasher Sword
- Added a message to /is coop to notify of recent changes

See you all in the next update!

Mar 6, 2016
sooo.. i just thought about this. You guys will lose money because people on an island on istop can't buy mobcoin generators for their own island, or else they'd be over the 10k limit.