My goodbye.

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Sep 2, 2016
Ive had enough of this.
All I want to do is play without being harassed by other people. THIS INCLUDES STAFF MEMBERS. I got muted for 3 days for stating religious beliefs?
Come on… that's just wrong.
anywho... its also the main reason why im quitting prime. so much is different from how it was back in 2015, and I guess I just cant handle that. and for those "special" people who have been accusing me of greifing cycloneadmins island... yes I already admitted it like 5 times.

and if you guys actually want to get players coming back to the server again... quit making it a p2w server... its getting out of hand.
last but not least... I have been completely tarnished by everybody. you guys have no respect for the truth, and for those high ranking staff members, I recommend you put ur new helpers under a microscope... they tend to do some things that a staff member should not...

all that being said... I guess this is goodbye.
Dec 1, 2015
It's much less pay2win than it was before. Also you griefed someone's island and you're annoyed by other people not being nice to you?
Dec 21, 2016
You're taking things way out of perspective. I wasn't even there but by the way you've described it, you're just over-reacting about some situation that wasn't in your favour.


Apr 11, 2016
Grief’s an island and wonders why people don’t like you. CycloneAdmin is very active in chat and has many friends so now his friends are your enemies
Dec 17, 2016
how do you expect people to like you after griefing someones island
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