make money sky blocks

Nov 11, 2017
the most important thing in skyblock is to get money, its a lot easier to make it with a rank but if you don't have any rank its not impossible.
the best ways to make money is to build a cactus or melon farm ( cactus is currently more worth). a other way to make ur first money is to go to profit shops like on my island /is warp bugie on skyblock cloud or other islands. first look to the shops and do some quick maths before you gonna buy it you can be scammed :).
a other great way to get money is to buy a spawner and kill the mobs (grinder mobs like ig's will gave you much money thats a great way to get money)
mining is also a great way to make some money do /warp oregrinder or make yourself a cobblestone generator and upgrade it. selling island levels is a great way to get much money, do /is warp skillsbrah on skyblock cloud to sell ur diamond blocks for 90k each stack.

I hope you will get much money and gonna be very rich;)
have fun while playing primeMC


Aug 6, 2017
Thanks for the short but powerful tutorial, although I mainly play Survival it looks great!