Just remember, we serve....

Dec 1, 2015
Hmm, No wonder Why I haven't seen Robin on recently, but mash potato is awesome, I do like it.
Want to wipe out the whole potato race with me? Uhm... I mean do you want to play potato racers free?


Fish fingers and custard!
Quite nice. I actually did when I was bored and looking through my parents' pantry.
@FoxyRobin, @MisterSkipper, @Zircon_Stars.
You have to be a Whovian, that's a 10th Doctor quote!

Anyway as for what I like that might be considered odd... Vegemite (or marmite) & peanut butter on a sandwich (together). Peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches. Baked beans on toast, seems that's not the done thing here in the USA whereas it's something very common in the UK and Oz.
Jan 12, 2016
Popcorn with spicy sauce (called valentina) and lemon (salty popcorn of course)

@CGDoublecrisp @BarelyBear @shofu
m8 already did dis...

when anglerfish mate, the male (which is a tiny blob, the female is the one with the bulb) dissolves and reforms itself as it's (u know) and then they reproduce.
Jan 12, 2016
i like how this is supposed to be like "remember, we serve (insert weird edible thing)" but it became "i like -"
[doublepost=1475694195,1475694038][/doublepost]Just remember, we serve Casu Marzu (cheese made of goatmilk which is set outside to let cheeseflies lay eggs in them which then lets the larvae break down the cheese-fat, fermenting it) (the larvea's are never removed) @iprogamit i didz it
Apr 9, 2016
I love the smell of gasoline and new pavement
Dark and cloudy is my favorite weather

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