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Nov 2, 2015

Hello everyone!

With a lot of time and effort put forward into this, Prison will be resetting on Prime this upcoming Saturday (February 15th) at 4PM EST, check out all the latest bug fixes and newest features all below!

For a countdown that adapts to your own time zone, please click here.

Reset Information
All your previous progress made on the previous Prison realm will be wiped. If you previously owned a donator rank, it will be transferred to the new setup once the network is live. This also goes for any perks that remain on this season. Perks or other permanent items that were purchased in previous seasons have been added as a currency to /redeem.

What will be wiped:
  • All player balances
  • Inventories, ender chests, player vaults and GUI based inventories.
  • Plots
  • Crate Keys
  • Consumable Items (Pickaxes, etc.)
What will be transferred:
  • Donator Ranks
  • Certain Addons
What's New?
Plot Top Competition

Prison will also become a competitive gamemode, having Plot Top - where the best plots/cells receive weekly rewards. Plot Top rewards will be gathered every Wednesday at 6AM EST, and rewards are sent out within 72 hours. The layout for payouts is as follows:
  • First Place: $50 PayPal
  • Second Place: $40 BuyCraft
  • Third Place: $30 BuyCraft
  • Fourth Place: $20 BuyCraft
  • Fifth Place: $10 BuyCraft
The plot evaluation system has been revamped from how it works on Skyblock, as there provides a better fit for the gamemodes nature and ethics. Prison isn't about placing blocks, it's about mining and selling.

Your value will now be accumulated from the money gained from selling to the NPC's at the mines, as well as the bonus blocks placed down on your plot. Bonus value blocks that you can earn from Crates, Freeworld challenges and the PvP Mine appear in /value and disappear once placed to prevent cluster on your plot.


All plot value will be reset on a weekly basis - this means that new players have a chance to compete in the plot top competition.

Candy is PrimeMC's version of contraband within Prison. Candies are farmable via the use of candy farms and can be refined and upgraded through refineries. To consume candy and gain its effects, simply right-click and consume it.


To begin your candy creation, travel to your plot and type /farm. Place down and confirm your farm placement. To begin using your Candy farm, you must use your tokens to upgrade your storage unit, harvester level and seeder level. This can be done by right-clicking the farm core (daylight sensor) and clicking the farm upgrades button.
Your farm will then start planting, growing, and harvesting candies. Your candies will start as being raw, this means they will give you negative effects upon consuming due to them not being refined.

To upgrade your candy, travel to your plot and type /refinery. Place down and confirm your refinery placement. Take raw candy out of your farm, and right-click the hopper while holding it to input it into the refinery. The refinery will then begin upgrading the candy. The upgraded candy will be placed inside the storage area once it is done. Here is an example of the difference between a common vs a refined candy.

You can continue to refine candy to further upgrade its effect up to 3 times (refined, tasty and delicious).
You are able to sell your earned candies to the NPC's at your mine. The price of the candies sold is dependent on how refined the candy is as well as the mine that it is sold at. There will be a separate NPC that you can sell at so you don't need to worry about accidentally selling all the precious candy you refined. Selling candies will also contribute to your plot value.

Due to popular demand, we have decided to keep our plots system. Plots, working similar to how islands are on Skyblock, can be created by typing /plot and following the interactive GUI.

The Tokenshop allows players to browse 3 categories:
  • Enchantments - Each enchantment must be unlocked in order to be able to purchase it upon multiple occasions. The requirements per enchant vary and are require a specific amount of cell level, fragments and mine rank.
  • Backpacks - Players are able to buy more backpacks, as well as upgrade current backpacks using tokens gained from mining.
  • Candies - Players will be able to purchase seeds of 3 rarities (Common, Uncommon, and Rare), in which each give a respective candy of that category, of which can later be refined or even sold!

Crystals act as another crate, giving one reward upon opening one crystal. Crystals are randomly gained through mining. Therefore, there is a prize for mining. As you progress through the gamemode and prestige, you will gain access to newer and more worthwhile crystals. Take a look at the crystals and their rewards in /crystals.

Fragments are an in game way that, through mining, can be used as a virtual currency to craft keys. To view what you can purchase with fragments, check out /fragments!

Gangs, as opposed to Skyblock, have 3 presets of which give off different benefits.
  • Cheetah - Permanent Speed 1 boost
  • Gorilla - Permanent Extra Heart boost
  • Badgers - Permanent Haste 1 boost

Depending on which gang you join, your name in tab, as well as above your head will represent your gang. If you wish to change the gang you are apart of, you can type /gangs and change for $50,000.
Not everything that you mine is positive. Every 5,000 blocks mined, players have a chance to be prompted with a curse. These curses act as a small objective of which needs to be completed to obtain fragments. A list of the curses are:
  • Silverfish - Mine 50 blocks to receive 2 Fragments.
  • Zombie - Kill 6 Mine Zombies to receive 2 Fragments.
  • Hidden Chicken - Find the Hidden Chicken to receive 2 Fragments.
  • Hidden Sponge - Find a Hidden Sponge to receive 2 Fragments.
  • Mine Blocks - Mine 1,000 blocks to receive 2 Fragments.
  • Stand Still - Stand still for 2 seconds to receive 2 Fragments.
  • Skeleton Boss - Kill the Skeleton Boss to receive 2 Fragments.
  • Get To Bedrock - Walk 100 steps to receive 2 Fragments.

EXP Shop
You will be able to use this previously useless form of numbers as a currency. From here, you will be able to purchase exclusive, powerful items up for sale within the EXP Shop. Check out the shop using /expshop.

Players will now be able to compete for the Outpost on Prison. The Outpost is a 24/7 active capture zone with unique bonuses for the plot team that captures it.
Capturing the Outpost will give you:

  • 2x EXP Booster
  • $50k every 15m
Access the outpost by warping to /warp outpost, you can find more information using /outpost.

KOTHs are periodic capture events with even more prizes! A KOTH can only be captured once per event, and by one person. KOTHs get captured when a player stands on it for 2 minutes. The player who captures the KOTH and becomes King of the Hill will be rewarded with KOTH keys.

Taking a break from mining with the same mine for hours on end, explore the Freeworld, whilst you complete challenges. Players who gain access to the Freeworld can complete a variety of easy, medium and hard objectives in order to win valuable server rewards.


You can purchase Token Boosters and EXP Boosters from the /prisonboosters GUI. The boosters range from 10 minutes to 1 hour of increased token or EXP gain.

We are adding Backpacks as a way to store ores while mining. When your inventory gets full inside of a mine, your ores will automatically fill your backpack. You can purchase and upgrade backpacks through the /tokenshop.


Your starter backpack only has 1 item slot, however, you can upgrade it to hold a total of 300 slots.

Mine Bombs
Wanting your work to be done for you in the blink of an eye? Mine Bombs can help with that. These throwable explosives vary in size, and break surrounding blocks, giving you the ores broken. Below is a list of the available Mine Bombs:
  • Mine Bomb [5]
  • Mine Bomb [8]
  • Mine Bomb [10]
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