Factions Issues/improvements

Jun 19, 2016
Hey sup,

So basicly you have noticed that factions is not as popular as it used to be, I love factions and thats the only reason i keep playing. After the reset we were given a new factions server with alot of new features. Factions still has alot of bugs. Both nether and end worlds dont work, the border is stuck between 5k -6k, you cant circle claim land. The system with only able to get your kit from your rank is so wrong. What happend to the good old OPFactions times with 200+ man online spamming kits and fix. I have made multiple Threads about resets and fixes for factions/opfactions but none of you will listen. Community for skyblock my ass. Stop spending all your time in skyblock while other servers like factions are bugged/broken.