Announcement Daily Rewards, Auto Sell and more!


Jan 31, 2018
Hey everyone,

Welcome back to update season. Today we are announcing a set of exciting new features that have recently launched on Prime. We are continuously making updates to improve your gameplay experience and would love to hear what you think - be sure to drop a comment in this post. Let’s get started with today’s update...

Daily Rewards
A new Daily Rewards feature has recently made its way onto the server, allowing you to snatch up on some extra bonus items for each day that you log into the server. All of our gamemodes now have their own Rewards NPC at the server spawn, and right clicking the Villager will open up a menu allowing you to claim today’s reward!

Rewards are completely random and build up depending on the amount of consecutive days that you log in. The more rewards that you claim in a row, the higher your streak will be, and the better your rewards will get! However if you miss a day, your streak will reset which requires you to start over. Rewards will constantly improve as we release more updates.

To celebrate the release of this feature, we will be handing out rewards to players who have the highest streak number at the end of this calendar month (October 31st). The following rewards are up for grabs (and can also be exchanged for store vouchers worth double the amount):
  • 1st place: $150 PayPal spread across players who are in 1st place (i.e. 10 players are in 1st, each player receives $15 or $30 store credit)
  • 2nd place: $100 PayPal spread across players who are in 2nd place (i.e. 10 players are in 1st, each player receives $10 or $20 store credit)
  • 3rd place: $50 PayPal spread across players who are in 3rd place (i.e. 10 players are in 1st, each player receives $5 or $10 store credit)
The winners will be announced on the forums, and those who have their forum username the same as their IGN will be contacted by a member of our team.

Auto Sell
In addition to Daily Rewards, we have recently introduced a new Auto Sell game pass for our Survival, Skyblock and Factions servers. Auto Sell allows you to automatically sell items to the server as they land in your inventory, and is super convenient if you are quickly trying to earn money without the hassle of spamming commands.

Auto Sell can be fully customised with an interval and a filter. The interval allows you to select at what frequency you would like to sell your items to the server (every few seconds, instantly,...), and the filter allows you to select which specific items you would like to sell, and which items you’d like to keep. By default, food items, farming items and most mob drops will sell to the server. This can be completely customised to your liking.

Auto Sell is available in our shop at Auto Sell for Prison will remain the same as it was previously.

Prison Updates
In the coming weeks, the development team will be shifting some of their focus towards the Prison Server, and improve the experience with more frequent updates. We realise that some of our current features are not running optimally, and we’ll be making the necessary changes to fix this for you in the future. More specifically, we will soon be introducing an entirely new Plot Mines and Pickaxe Builder system. Keep an eye out on the website for more information once it releases.

For now, we have pushed out entirely new Prestige Kits, containing pickaxes, money notes, booster notes, MineBombs and more. Prestige Kits are available every 48 hours for members who have entered prestige. Recently, we have activated our token board as well!

Mechanics Shop
A small update has been pushed out to our shop recently, introducing an entirely new Mechanics Shop. This new category contains a variety of popular redstone items, and we hope that this makes it easier for you to build these types of structures on the server. In the weeks to come, we will also be making small tweaks to the economy, as we realise some prices a few of our prices are out of order (don’t worry: we will not be touching any sell prices).

That's it for this week! Be sure to let us know how you feel in the comments, as we like reading your feedback! This is also a gentle reminder that we are actively looking out for reported bugs. If you find anything that seems out of the ordinary, let us know! Since our launch, we have pushed out well over 350 bug fixes, and we'd like to keep this up to ensure quality!


P.S. We also just added a nifty /checkfly comamnd, which you can use to see if somebody has flight mode enabled and/or is currently flying.
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Jan 15, 2016
Good updates like the daily rewards!!!
Mar 6, 2016
I like to see daily rewards added.
Jan 15, 2017
(look post 1)
when i try to do /rewards it says -1000 hours, wich is very weird
Apr 27, 2018
The Daily reward system is not very good. I come every day but i lose my streak for some reason.
May 31, 2017
How about adding Cooked meats to auto-sell on survival?