Announcement Cupid Rank + Valentine's Update


Jan 31, 2018
Hey everyone,

It’s Valentine’s Day, and this year we’ve prepared some exciting new updates for you guys! Whether you’re single, or celebrating with your loved one (I wish) - this should be an exciting time for all! Read along to find out what we’ve added.

Cupid Rank
The exclusive Cupid Rank is now available on our store for a limited time. Cupid is a sub-rank, meaning it adds on to any of the existing ranks that you may have on our server. In other words, it doesn’t overwrite, you just receive the extra features and an additional prefix.

Cupid has a unique set of features, including access to the Heart particle and an OP Kit. Plus, players with the Cupid rank get access to the /valentines system, allowing you to request a player to be your valentine. Never has it been easier to declare your love to someone on the server! Regular players can accept valentine requests, but only Cupid members can send one. Once your valentine has been set, you can show off your love with a special heart prefix in the chat! New valentines also get announced in the chat!

The Cupid Rank is available on our store until Monday, February 18th. After that, it can no longer be purchased - however anyone who has obtained the package get to keep it forever. Cupid is only available on Skyblock at this time.

Valentine’s Day Coupon
In addition to the Cupid Rank, we have added a small Valentine’s Day sale to the store in the form of a coupon. Until Monday, you can use code VALENTINE to receive an additional 5% on any store purchases. This coupon will stack on top of the 50% SALE which is already active!

Crystal Crate
In addition to the Valentine’s Update, we’ve just released a new crate on Skyblock with exclusively enchantment crystals in it! It’s never been easier to obtain that special enchantment you’ve been trying to unlock. Enchantment Crystals are available in packs of one, three and five keys and have been added to our store starting today!

That’s it for today’s update! We are planning on hosting our very first event soon, so keep an eye out for that on the site! The frequency of updates will increase as well now that we’ve sorted the majority of our bugs out.

Jan 9, 2016
Unfortunate that this feature only applies to Skyblock :c
Aug 24, 2017
You say that Cupid is only available on sb at the moment. Does that mean it will come to prison, survival, and factions?


Dec 12, 2015
I look forward to seeing what other limited edition ranks come out in the future. Keep up the good updates
Oct 14, 2018
I don't get the time is it 17-02-2019 24;00 ot 18-02-2019 24;00?