Announcement Cryptocurrency + PrimeMC (FREE $5 gift card!)

Dec 20, 2018
Im sorry but i was just wondering if I had recived gax my user name is hrz130 and I went on my gaxma wallet and it says I haven't received any yet :0 just wondering thanks tho.
May 31, 2017
*cough* *cough* *cough*
No one's received the $GAX and it's been a week and a day. The survey is still open. Thanks Primemc,
Jul 21, 2017
i just did it can i have my 5$
Jan 29, 2019
Cool Server.
Im buying realy much stuff
Love to you guys
Feb 19, 2019
Hi all,

Some of you may know that we have been working on a cryptocurrency project called Gamaxa. Gamaxa ($GAX) is a digital currency for gamers worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to improve the entire cryptocurrency and gaming spaces, by combining the two.

Check out the Gamaxa website here.

How do I obtain $GAX?
a. You can buy $GAX on the Waves DEX. Steps:
1) Create a wallet here
2) Deposit funds
3) Buy the $GAX asset on the exchange screen, asset ID is 2m4SEz8Bq9zgjBXF89Z1FQTkrUY6JYnvu9YFhitkBW51.

b. You can get 500 $GAX for free (current value: $5 gift card)! Steps:
1) Create a wallet here and copy your address.
2) Fill out this form
3) Wait until December 15th. On December 15th, we will distribute the $GAX to everyone who filled out the form.

How do I use my new $GAX?
We have integrated Gamaxa ($GAX) into the PrimeMC network. You can now (i) buy PrimeMC gift cards using $GAX and (ii) trade in-game things for $GAX.

Buy gift cards using $GAX by doing /gaxgiftcard on any of the gamemodes. We are accepting $GAX at a rate of $0.01 USD per $GAX, meaning that the 500 $GAX you can receive for free above can get you a $5 gift card for use on the PrimeMC store.

Trade in-game items for $GAX by doing /gaxtrade on any of the gamemodes. Remember to link your Gamaxa address with /gaxlink first.

Alex / trkey
when are we can use this form