Announcement Chunk Hoppers have been released!

Jan 31, 2018
Hey everyone,

This week we have released one of our longest anticipated server features: Chunk Hoppers. No longer do you need to create massive systems with endless amounts of water to help pickup items from your farms. By deploying a Chunk Hopper, you can simply collect all of the items in your chunk, wirelessly, and send them to a chest. This feature is available on our Buycraft & Mob Coin shops starting today, and below I will provide some more information about how they work!

How Chunk Hoppers Work
Once you have acquired a Chunk Hopper, using them is extremely straightforward. Simply place the Hopper down at any given location within your chunk, and all of the items which are dropped in that area (remember, a chunk is 16x16 in size) will automatically transfer to the Hopper - and then on to the connected chest. The speed of this transfer can be upgraded using in-game money (which increases the amount of stacks that transfer every few seconds).

How Filters Work
You can setup filters on your Chunk Hoppers, so that only the items which you want to pickup are actually being transported to it. Shift + Right Click on any placed Chunk Hopper, and select the "Filter" option from the menu. Here, you will see all of the items which are currently being picked up, as well as the following options:
  • Add Item: Add an item to the pickup filter
  • Reset Items: Reset the filter to its default settings (mob drops only)
  • Clear Items: Clear the filter, so that all items are being picked up
Items which are not listed in the filter, will not be picked up (unless you don't have any items setup in your filter).

How Upgrades Work
You can increase the amount of stacks that transfer from your hopper to an associated chest, by purchasing upgrades. Shift + Right Click on any placed Chunk Hopper, and select the "Upgrade" option from the menu. Upgrades can be paid using in-game cash, and cost $1.000.000 per extra stack. Upgrading is possible to a maximum of 27 stacks, however 6 stacks is the default. Stacks transfer every few seconds at a time.

We hope that you enjoy this update and that it makes farming easier for you!

We'll see you soon in another news post!

May 18, 2019
it only needs to work now and its a great update :/
May 18, 2019
nope it doesn't work instead that the hoppers transfers 6 stacks/4s it does 1 item/4s