Announcement Christmas at Prime!

Jan 31, 2018
Hey everyone,

Christmas has arrived at Prime Network! We’ve added a few awesome additions to the server to get into the holiday spirit, and we’d love to tell you more about them! Let’s get started…

12 Days ‘till Christmas
Yesterday, we added 12 days ‘till Christmas to all of our servers, our own little twist on “12 days of Christmas”. We’re giving our players awesome rewards for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas! By visiting the Santa Claus NPC in each one of the server spawns, you’ll be able to snatch up on these gifts from the man with the beard!

To maximise use of this limited-time feature, come back every day to see what Santa has on offer! Rewards are the same for all players, and are available once every day!

IMPORTANT: It is NOT allowed to use alts to redeem multiple rewards each day. You WILL be banned if caught (we routinely check for usernames attached to each other and what commands they are executing).

Santa Pass
A limited-time section has been added to our store, where you can purchase our new Santa Pass feature. Passes come in the form of a physical item, and allow you to call upon the help of Santa Claus to spread around gifts on the server. All players can enjoy the rewards that are being shared once he is summoned to the server spawn!

Rewards from the Santa Pass range from server to server, however generally include hard-to-get blocks, spawners, and exclusive items like Enchantment Books and Super Items on Skyblock, or MineBombs and eTokens on Prison.

Holiday Deals
In addition to the Santa Pass, we have curated some of our best Holiday Deals under the “Holiday Deals” section of our store. Two packages are available for sale, including our Holiday Value Pack, and the Christmas Bundle. Both pack awesome features at a heavily discounted price, and the Christmas Bundle comes with exclusive cosmetics which are not available anywhere else on the server. Act quick before these sell out!

Cosmetic and Super Item Keys
In addition to the Holiday updates, we have recently added two new Crate Keys types to our server store: Cosmetics Keys and Super Item Keys. Cosmetic Keys are available on all servers, and allow you to unlock awesome pets, disguises and particles from the Cosmetics Menu. Super Item keys are a Skyblock exclusive, and allow you to win fully random Super Items!

Worth nothing is that rewards from the Cosmetic Crate come in the form of a “note” (for example, a “Chicken Pet Note”). This allows you to trade or transfer cosmetics to other players if you so desire! This is perfect in case you receive a cosmetic that you already own!

Item Locking
Another much requested feature that we added is Item Locking! Now, you can lock your own personal items (such as doors and chests) by attaching a sign with the text “[Lock]” on the first line. No longer do you have to worry about losing items to your friends! Adding other players to your items can be done by adding usernames to the other lines of the sign!

Other Small Updates:
And to end today’s announcement, here are a few smaller updates and bug fixes:
  • All Servers: Added an Ender Pearl cooldown feature
  • All Servers: Added a new system to replace [item]
  • All Servers: Added a cooldown on bounties
  • All Servers: Fixed an issue with duplicate items in the shop
  • All Servers: Fixed an issue with baltop crashing the server
  • All Servers: Fixed an issue with incorrect words in the chat game
  • All Servers: Fixed an issue where the spawner shop could not be opened
  • All Servers: Fixed an issue where Tree Assist was causing damage to players
  • Skyblock: Fixed an issue with the portal in the spawn
  • Prison: Fixed an issue with typos on the eToken signs
  • Prison: Fixed an issue with incorrect token amounts in the kit GUI
  • Prison: Fixed an exploit with token refunds
  • Prison: Fixed an issue where Bows were being called Swords in the kits
  • Factions: Fixed an issue where Gen Buckets could not be used in the nether/end
  • Survival: Fixed an issue with spawner prices in the shop warp
  • Hubs: Fixed an issue where right clicking the NPCs would not work
That’s all for today! We’d like to wish each and everyone of you an amazing holiday season! Cherish the time with family and friends and make this an awesome end of the year!


P.S. We are going to be updating the spawns on all servers in the next few days with a more festive spirit! Keep an eye out.
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Jan 15, 2016
  • "Factions: Fixed an issue where Gen Buckets could not be used in the nether/end"

  • Well I see you've taken time to fix it, but for some weird reason the horizontal genbuckets still don't work in the End. Luckily they do in the Nether. Hopefully your team is able to fix this soon.
Jun 6, 2016
Did you edit the post? Somethings were not there when it was first posted. *Edit you did right after i read about it, you added about being banned and added pictures