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Sep 2, 2016
Im so done.

I just got banned again for calling somebody an ape.
Apparently its a racial slur.
Considering all 3 of the people I called apes were acting like apes, just laughing at me like crazy.
I asked for the staff member to help with the situation (KyleTT) and he did not respond. Next think I know I leave and try to rejoin a few hours later, and what do you know. the same staff member also banned me for racial slurs.
Jul 19, 2016
You should make a Ban Apeal and complain there, not here.
You could also have said something else other the " ape ", or could have asked to stop, and if they continued report them to (other) staff.
This isn't a place to post this, nor u should have said something like that. Just be careful next time about what you're going to respond with.


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Feb 27, 2017
Hi @Roblox_Noobs,

If you disagree with a punishment you received, please submit a punishment appeal rather than making a thread as our team won't assist you from here, unfortunately.

In regards to the other two things you mentioned:
- If you believe people are breaking the rules, report them on the forums and/or /ignore them. You do not need to retaliate by breaking the rules yourself.
- If a staff member isn't doing their job correctly, please message myself or Kaos with evidence and we'll deal with it.

I see you've already made an appeal so you will receive a response there regarding your punishment.

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