1. Thijskiller2002: Haai
  2. Teddy910 Teddy910: thanks rassyy
  3. Teddy910 Teddy910: ok
  4. Rassyy Rassyy: That's not allowed.
  5. Teddy910 Teddy910: its 16x16x57
  6. Teddy910 Teddy910: world edit... my cow farm is kinda big
  7. ChickenJensen ChickenJensen: Do you mean with World Edit? Or just helping by hand?
  8. Teddy910 Teddy910: Does anyone know if mods are allowed to help people move their grinders?
  9. Always_Stefan Always_Stefan: You can type /server that u want to join then u join to
  10. MemeGodMac MemeGodMac: if i use my normal internet connection to my wifi i cant join anything but if i connect to my mobile data everything works
  11. lars270605: @Always_Stefan gedaan
  12. Always_Stefan Always_Stefan: Lars voeg me toe op dc Always_Stefan#7800
  13. lars270605: @Always_Stefan waarom heb ik ban op je is?
  14. Always_Stefan Always_Stefan: Lars270605
  15. Always_Stefan Always_Stefan: Hello
  16. MemeGodMac MemeGodMac: im stuck in the lobby and cant join anything
  17. Creeper1841 Creeper1841: Many people is having this problem including me. Bions told me that the system is bugged. Being patient is the only thing that remains.
  18. iWillComeToYou: @boins you said in my report that the next time I log in my 4x would get but I still have 3x .....
  19. Teddy910 Teddy910: Nvm i finished selling
  20. Teddy910 Teddy910: Can someone come onto survival and help me sell?
  21. BabaBebo BabaBebo: @Affixes If [Repair] sign was disabled due to tech issue then make up for us by remove Legendary ranks /fix cooldown
  22. LE0ZY: Hi
  23. uHylke uHylke: You shouldn't have duped my man @TrySlowly .
  24. ThomasMC_ ThomasMC_: You were obviously trying to dupe, you're not getting unbanned.
  25. T4kkie: Just imagine that i've soend 50$ on this server and now im perm banned by console.. AND THE STAFF SAYS IT ISNT AN AUTOMATIC SYSTEM GOT DAMNIT