1. Rick: can a staff reacte to my bugg report
  2. ChickenJensen ChickenJensen: In that case then, you have to create a purchase support thread, and explain that you can't purchase the rank upgrade.
  3. MoltenKing MoltenKing: so I have an elite rank on skyblock and I want to upgrade to king, and it won't let me buy the upgrade from elite to king
  4. YouriBB YouriBB: What you need help with bro?
  5. MoltenKing MoltenKing: are there any staff on? I need help
  6. MoltenKing MoltenKing: Can someone help me with the store?
  7. NiekVanekerr NiekVanekerr: any staff can check out my report from 5 days ago?
  8. ChickenJensen ChickenJensen: I have replied to your message @warlord9015
  9. warlord9015 warlord9015: i need help with old ranks plz contact me
  10. iDonut iDonut: happy birthday
  11. MisterSkipper MisterSkipper: Because the stuff you're most interested in is probably mainly accessible by admins or other high ranked staff members, and those staff members have the most to do so it takes time to look at one particular thread with everything else they have to do
  12. niels0819: why is all staff saying be patient and never fixing things!
  13. 2Fame4You 2Fame4You: You can say please be patient be patient but if they dont fix the bug its already 4 weeks or something that pickupfilters doesnt work
  14. Creeper1841 Creeper1841: Hello, only administrators can view purchase support threads. Please be patient.
  15. niels0819: please look at the purchasse supports staff
  16. dr_Hein: i had a legendary rank but my rank is gone
  17. _Denis_007: my appeal did not get answered?
  18. Teddy910 Teddy910: nobody has said anything in a while
  19. Maleficium Maleficium: Sjaak yes that’s allowed
  20. GLD GLD: @RuneSnapz I wouldn’t call that impossible
  21. RuneSnapz RuneSnapz: @SjaakThegoldfish that is not possible in Minecraft unless you use autoclicking.
  22. SjaakThegoldfish: Is it allowed to put a item on top of your mouse so you keep clicking to grind mobs on this server?
  23. LeaguePeysYT: heyyy i bought Myth rank like 1 year ago and i logged back on and its just gone (i bought it on SBair) idk if this was a glitch or not
  24. Creeper1841 Creeper1841: https://primemc.org/forums/forums/ban-appeals.18/
  25. _Denis_007: where can i appeal?