1. MaybeNovial MaybeNovial: hello killer_3000_XL's alt
  2. esther: unban killer_3000_XL he is waiting a month for his unban already and he made a purchase support
  3. DouweHetMenneke: help
  4. buildinqs: f
  5. dragonboss dragonboss: GamjngAligator there will be a announcement made when the have a estimated time
  6. GaaaamingAligator: When is prison reset?
  7. Xshayara Xshayara: in the store
  8. coolgames12: where can i redeem giftcards
  9. Walid212: Can any admin pm me pls
  10. D3MS D3MS: AbyssalVenom, go to /hub then do /redeem.
  11. AbyssalVenom AbyssalVenom: yo where can i get my rank back @
  12. B1ank2003: fun times
  13. Walrus Walrus: unbanned
  14. MyzieisDaddy: Good vibes, bad lag. :/
  15. bmvdbcrafter bmvdbcrafter: Walrush
  16. kiawai kiawai: BIG FAN
  17. kiawai kiawai: WALRUS OMG
  18. Walrus Walrus: a whole lotta
  19. Walrus Walrus: issa whole lotta red
  20. Walrus Walrus: yes
  21. zagagunush: fishing is broken on survival
  22. Walid212: @KaosLord look at your DM
  23. Kirai Kirai: airborn128 make a purchase support or a troubleshooting thread
  24. Teddy910 Teddy910: can we get some help on survival real fast?
  25. airborn128: So the sky lock reset just took away what I bought yesterday (2 November crates and a legendary key)