1. Kartmaster77 Kartmaster77: Yeah? @LilDevilTeemo
  2. LilDevilTeemo: kart?
  3. Masterminer1128 Masterminer1128: Hey
  4. Kartmaster77 Kartmaster77: @AdminOwnerHelper Yes you may be able to do /redeem in the hub. If this does not work, you can make a purchase support down below: https://primemc.org/forums/forums/purchase-support.21/
  5. CraftyDanMC CraftyDanMC: try speak to a admin owner helper
  6. AdminOwnerHelper: also ive lost my payment email and ive tried purchase support thread
  7. AdminOwnerHelper: I bought a primegod rank a few years ago, that didnt transfor to SBCloud(maybe because i changed my IGN) . Can i still recover this?
  8. MaximProGamer: When is skyblock back on?
  9. RawrWithBrem RawrWithBrem: The issue had been reported. Cloud will be back up asap.
  10. ADHDBoy: Skyblock Cloud is crashed..
  11. BartSmitForReal: WHY?
  12. BartSmitForReal: We cant join skyblock cloud?
  13. KaosLord KaosLord: What’s the issue sorry?
  14. LilDevilTeemo: Rawr can you help me
  15. LilDevilTeemo: please
  16. LilDevilTeemo: Umm can a admin or a helper help me?
  17. OMGitsMussie OMGitsMussie: AdminOwnerHelper, those ranks have been transferred to Skyblock Cloud, If you do not receive these in a few minutes when joined, make a Purchase Support Thread
  18. AdminOwnerHelper: i bought a skyblock air rank years ago, can i recover this?
  19. _4n _4n: If you have evidence thijsgames2834, you can make a player report here: ttps://primemc.org/forums/forums/player-reports.12/
  20. MetselThijs: I bought an unban and made a purchase support and the reply was thatI I got unbanned but that was last weak so when do I get unbanned and what is the normal wait time.
  21. thijsgames2834: staff help me i am scammed on skyblock cloud 36 mil help
  22. _4n _4n: hi Sverttommen and Superduperkirby, to be able to get back your ranks, it is a good idea to make a purchase support thread here: https://primemc.org/forums/forums/purchase-support.21/
  23. Superduperkirby: Heyoo Its been about 3 Years since I played (Also know as Chill_Itz_Kirby and many others) I got titan rank when I was 8 and now I am 11 I would like to know how to get my credits from the deleted gamemode
  24. Svertommen: hello, i had primegod manny years ago (thinks 3-4 years ago) now i play again on your server and my expensive rank is gone can someone help me?
  25. MauroThieren_ MauroThieren_: ItsThaBoy You can make a bug report about this.