1. luuk_the_master: Thanks
  2. Ataxirilon Ataxirilon: Your appeal has been received. Please wait for our appeals team to get it sorted out for you.
  3. luuk_the_master: can someone react to my appeal
  4. Ataxirilon Ataxirilon: Your bans are not just randomly extended. Your initial ban was done by a lower ranked staff member who had restricted ban time. you were banned and then it was corrected by a Sr. Staff member.
  5. PNeonz PNeonz: No point appealing it they extend your ban
  6. dragonboss dragonboss: Punishment Appeals may take a couple of days to be looked at, please be patient.
  7. xX_LUCA_V_Xx xX_LUCA_V_Xx: peptrooper het kan even duuren
  8. peptrooper: I have been banned 7 ours for no reason and nobody even replied to my appeal !
  9. peptrooper: lmao
  10. peptrooper: !!!
  11. peptrooper: someones pleas check my appeal
  12. peptrooper: ima play roblox i waited 2 ours now
  13. peptrooper: lmao
  14. peptrooper: i am litteraly banned for no reason and nobody replies
  15. peptrooper: pls
  16. peptrooper: Can somebody chek my ban appeaal
  17. peptrooper: ?
  18. peptrooper: where?
  19. dragonboss dragonboss: If you think your ban was unfair please make a Punishment Appeal.
  20. peptrooper: my name is DeIkea
  21. peptrooper: pls unban me
  22. peptrooper: and i got banned from discord due inactivity
  23. peptrooper: I just got banned for auto clicker but i wasnt using 1 i was watching a vid while cliking
  24. Frambooz Frambooz: His last words
  25. DuitsteKuiken: Hi staff