1. Creeper1841 Creeper1841: AFK is allowed. @RavingThomas Wait 5 minutes and if you can't join then contact an admin.
  2. Domimola: are afk fish farm allowed?
  3. RavingThomas: i cant login? it says that im already logged in but im not so can you kick me?
  4. Snazzyness: I exchanged vote tokens on prison for a mob kit, but didn't receive anything, is there a way to find it, or is it currently broken?
  5. Creeper1841 Creeper1841: @KingDrewGames Applications are closed right now, But in the meantime you can check the requirements here: https://primemc.org/forums/threads/staff-application-requirements.109705/
  6. KaosLord KaosLord: If you don’t know, I highly suggest you don’t apply.
  7. KingDrewGames: how do i make a staff applicantion
  8. Creeper1841 Creeper1841: Be patient!
  9. aswboy: There's so many staff and my apeals arent getting relpief
  10. aswboy: Never did something like the reason why i got banned L
  11. aswboy: Its kinda *** for what i got banned Lol
  12. Hotdog Hotdog: Few more Days*
  13. Hotdog Hotdog: Microvoltz please wait a few days
  14. microvolts328: its been three days https://primemc.org/forums/threads/microvolts328-player-report.112222/
  15. y0r y0r: The more power you have the harder it is for another faction to over claim your faction claims. I believe that is what power is for although I am not a factions player
  16. Matijtas: what can you do with power in factions
  17. KaosLord KaosLord: Canada Time
  18. RontacoYT RontacoYT: Which is the server hour?
  19. FlashMiners FlashMiners: if you mean one for the shop, none ran out for me yet so afaik it is infinite or a really long timespan
  20. FlashMiners FlashMiners: what kind of redeem code? one for the shop? or one in game
  21. Matijtas: i want to ask howlong a redeem code ca nbe used is it infite
  22. FlashMiners FlashMiners: what do u need
  23. Matijtas: sorry for caps
  24. Matijtas: ANY STAFF??
  25. Lenkin Lenkin: Console clients are fine, as long as they have no scripts running, and used purely for afking / chatting.