1. ChickenJensen ChickenJensen: @KryptidSwifty There was, but it was removed and the things purchased with the coupons were taken away, as the ranks were given back. (Otherwise you would effectively be getting two of what you paid for.)
  2. Creeper1841 Creeper1841: Type /redeem in the hub.
  3. KryptidSwifty KryptidSwifty: Wasnt there like a store credit for having your ranks removed?
  4. Nicolars04: i did
  5. ChickenJensen ChickenJensen: @Nicolars04 You will have mention that on your purchase support thread about the unban.
  6. selfs selfs: how i join this
  7. Nicolars04: so if i dont get unbanned (from the unban purchashe) i would like my money back
  8. Nicolars04: but now i have like 15 hours or something left
  9. Nicolars04: cuz i had still 2 days ban left
  10. Nicolars04: i bought a unban
  11. bmvdbcrafter bmvdbcrafter: What do you mean Nicolars?
  12. bmvdbcrafter bmvdbcrafter: You can't transfer ranks jinbop.
  13. Nicolars04: How can i get my money back
  14. jinbop2larry jinbop2larry: Is there anyway to transfer a rank, my king rank is on cloud(i dont play on cloud) I play void, could I possibly transfer it over somehow?
  15. KaosLord KaosLord: 2. There is no rule against posting threads quickly, as long as they aren’t to farm posts then it is fine
  16. KaosLord KaosLord: 1. People were caught duping and got banned
  17. StopGaming: Also, is there a rule against posting many threads closely together? or is that a mute/ban?
  18. StopGaming: What has been happening to all of the people on this server getting banned, please inform me, im lost
  19. Remik666s Remik666s: my friend got unban after 5 days from that day i made a [purchuse suport] so i think you need to wait Nicolars04
  20. Nicolars04: someone i still didnt get unbanned
  21. Nicolars04: but i didnt get a email of my purchase
  22. Nicolars04: Flashminer i did
  23. FlashMiners FlashMiners: @Nicolars04 you have to make a purchase support thread stating that you bought an unban: https://primemc.org/forums/form/purchase-support-form.1/select
  24. Nicolars04: i bought a unban but i didnt get unbanned yet
  25. Nicolars04: can someone help me?