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  2. SnowFence

    My resignation.

    Sad to see you go! Good luck in the future! Ur still mine right? :p
  3. SnowFence

    Announcement Skyblock Suggestions Thread

    -Bring /marry back. -Remove /autosell. -bring back the eco where both spawners and farms where good. -Bring afk kicks back. -Bring back the mob whacker. -give ranks the ability for more active listings in /ah. -Remove the *Custom enchants* /ce -Remove Trophy's -Bring back the Gangs.
  4. SnowFence


    Hello my name is SnowFence aka Djaylani and I am a active PrimeMC player. most of the time I play on Skyblock but I play much Survival to.
  5. SnowFence

    Thanks haha

    Thanks haha
  6. SnowFence

    Thanks SqueakyPigs4 :D <3

    Thanks SqueakyPigs4 :D <3
  7. SnowFence


    My favorite staff is SqueakyPigs4
  8. SnowFence

    1 Chunk skyblock island!

    Its a girl who made it xD
  9. SnowFence

    1 Chunk skyblock island!

    Looks very sick Zely ;p
  10. SnowFence

    Announcement Impending Survival Reset

    Looking forward to this reset, gonna nolife this hehe #TeamGravity
  11. SnowFence

    Announcement Skyblock Reset Information | August 31th, 2PM EST

    is it gonna be more farm based?????
  12. SnowFence

    wanna marry me ?? :)

    wanna marry me ?? :)
  13. SnowFence

    How long have you been on the server?

    somewhere around november 2015 i dont the exact date
  14. SnowFence

    Been a long time

    what was ur username i think i remember u?
  15. SnowFence

    Hi, Im Nielskampioen

    Welcome to the PrimeMC Furoms page hope u have a great time :)
  16. SnowFence

    The old days.

    Rip skyblock air :( i miss those days that melon farms were good
  17. SnowFence

    Server rules

    nah thats stupid why u need to do it nickname is like a second name so i dont think it needs to be connected with ur irl
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  19. SnowFence

    Announcement Chunk Hoppers have been released!

    good update xD still dont work ...
  20. SnowFence

    new forums is ass

    Make a request about it for a suggestion