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  1. SassySavage

    Sassy’s Back y’all!! Where should I transfer by pgod rank for sb?

    Um I came back and my Pgod on sbice is gone and I don’t remember taking any screenshots with it I was just wondering how am I supposed to get that transferred ans how do I prove I have it and last in y’alls opinion which sb would be the best to transfer to? On another note.... y’all I’m...
  2. SassySavage

    So close!!!!!!!

    Ay y'all it's Sassy here alright so my one year of being on forums is coming up soon and to add to that celebration I only need 3 more followers till I hit 150!! I love y'all so so much thanks for following me and some of you thanks for being there for me when I need you most!! Help me get to...
  3. SassySavage


    So yea I got bored and found this picture and was trying to make it my own and yea so here it is.. leave criticism please.
  4. SassySavage

    Quick Question

    If I were to like try to post a video that doesn't have a link like a video from a phone or laptop how would that work. Do I need some kind of website to do it or...?
  5. SassySavage


    So if any of y'all care (I don't so I don't know why y'all would) My last seen on sbice was quite a while back. Basically I haven't been playing much nor plan on getting back on besides a couple times a month. I've kinda lost interest in all Minecraft servers and Minecraft in general. Part of...
  6. SassySavage

    Sassy Sings Requested Songs

    Alright so @WhyShouldIEver requested a few songs for me to sing and I finally sand one of them. Everyone can request songs and I will get to them eventually but now for @WhyShouldIEver Here is me singing All Of Me-John Legend one of your requested songs I will get to the other ones later on...
  7. SassySavage


    So as by the title you can see I have resigned. I am NOT, I repeat NOT leaving Prime. I recently am about to end one sport and start two more sports, I just got done taking PSAT's and testing for going into High School is coming soon and I really want to focus at this new school. I really...
  8. SassySavage

    Does anyone remember?

    So basically I just wanted to know if anyone remembered when like way back when, you would sell heads for a profit from like heads you got in pvp. Sorry I just remembered and wondered if anyone else remembered that. ~SassyG
  9. SassySavage


    So just thought I would share a little story today.. So right now I am on a bus today I was suppose to have a Cross Country meet however it was canceled and we decided to have a fun practice after school. My knee wat hurting in the beginning of running and we had to run basically 3 miles on a...
  10. SassySavage

    Dogs are a pain.

    So I need to rant about my dog. 3:30 IN THE MORNING!!!! This dog, my dog, sadly, wakes me up not just a lick on the face nope she is scratching on the wall next to my door. *Pauses Story* So there is a storm here right now like a thunderstorm nothing big just a few cracks of thunder and...
  11. SassySavage

    Just something I drew.

    So I drew this earlier and I guess I just though I would show you because why not xD. So here it is I guess: For anybody who knows anything about drawing or not at all feel free to tell me on what I should do to make it better (shading, less color, ect.) Also the pencil it there because one...
  12. SassySavage


    So right now I am doing like a mini Karaoke night on teamspeak and just come and join because It will be fun and yah xD
  13. SassySavage

    Sassy's Q&A

    I saw someone doing one and decided why not I do one xD. Ask any questions you want, if I don't feel comfortable answering then I most like will just not answer it and leave it blank. Edit: I will also be in school until around 4:00pm Central time so I might not answer but go ahead and ask...
  14. SassySavage

    Facts about Sassy

    A few people have done these and I thought I'll do one too. #1 I play sports, 6 sports. Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Track and Field and Soccer. Football I play for fun not in a club though. #2 I love art. #3 I have traveled to 26 different countries all under the age of...
  15. SassySavage

    Closed Report - KHAOSUNFAiR

    Your IGN (in-game name): SassPuppy Accused player IGN: KHAOSUNFAiR Server: Forums Story: Got mad in shout box that he donated to the server then got banned because he "forgot he left his hacks on from another server" and threatened to ddos this server. Evidence: Open in App Open in App...
  16. SassySavage

    Teamspeak singing

    So I would like to thank @popcornforme8000 for singing with me (blocking out my ugly voice) I had such a fun time and hope we can do it again next weekend!! #SoFun
  17. SassySavage

    This is why I hate shopping.

    So there I was going back out to my car after I was done shopping, and I get in the car and I always grab the top of the car with my right hand and swing myself in kinda. So there I was getting in the car and I slammed the door onto my right four fingers ( a thumb is not a finger so you know...
  18. SassySavage

    Seriously People?!

    If one more person leaves Imma blow this joint! Like seriously though, I get that prime is kinda at a hard fall, but when you come back when prime heels after that fall, don't say you were here to see it happen, because you all didn't believe in Prime to become better in the long run. You all...
  19. SassySavage

    Idk what to put for the title but read!

    Ok so I am rn at 97 followers so my goal is 100 and whoever gets my 100th follow will get some kind of prize idk what yet but t will be a prize! Also I am at 983 ratings or something so (btw this is not saying spam my profile or give me ratings on this thread just saying in general,) whoever...
  20. SassySavage


    I just got Senior Member hype!!