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  1. Sm4rtE

    Another Rant of SBC, by Sm4rtE

    So hello again this time around I recently remembered I actually bought VIP without a coupon. I also haven't received any help. Sorry @Rassyy, but you said I was helped... I wasn't. All the things I've bought on Prime have been chucked in the trash. Can a moderator check for proof in code...
  2. Sm4rtE

    Money Issue

    I've had multiple issues because I haven't had the things I bought. I also have made many threads stating this, I do not have the record of this so I don't know if it is possible to get my stuff back. Looking into the past through the code or whatever is an option, though might not be able to...
  3. Sm4rtE

    Skyblock Rank Help

    I believe it is the 28th, I have not received my Legendary rank. I am not angry but confused and, not sure if I've done the requirements but I bought VIP with a coupon. I also had some chat addons and bundles which I haven't received either. If getting my Legendary Rank and other stuff back...