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  1. Ataxirilon

    Small QOL Change

    I love your suggestion however this is the wrong place for it. If you wish for it to be honestly considered please post it in suggestions so we may easily reference it. @Galaxeh THREAD CLOSED. - User directed to Suggestions forums.
  2. Ataxirilon

    Biggest Negative Number ever. Have fun coming up with ideas!

    well.. that ended that quickly lol ?
  3. Ataxirilon

    Can't Join the server

    Another Solution : change the ip part from .org to .net Some users who have reported the same error have said this resolved the issues. If you still cannot connect please reach out via DM or discord to me or any other staff and we will try to help as much as we can.
  4. Ataxirilon

    Banned for no reason

    Please make a Punishment appeal so we may review the ban. Thank you. Thread Closed- Redirected to punishment appeals.
  5. Ataxirilon

    Lost ranks on both my accounts

    That is correct. Once support ticket is filed Admins will contact you normally within 24 hours.
  6. Ataxirilon

    Lost ranks on both my accounts

    When you connect to discord in the commands channel do -ticket and follow the prompts in the message
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    Thread Closed - Reset has occurred
  8. Ataxirilon

    near spawn base repair mission

    I am glad to see a positive change in you. Lets hope it keeps up after your unbanned. I want to see you as a positive influence for the server.
  9. Ataxirilon

    Island Upgrades Lost

    If you feel you have lost something you purchased and should be reimbursed please fill out a purchase support thread. This thread is now closed. Thread closed- User Directed to purchase support
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    It has been officially announced on discord. --- Hello @everyone! We will be resetting Skyblock and opening it for a public release on Friday at 1PM EST. Further information can be found linked below:
  11. Ataxirilon

    near spawn base repair mission

    Then who would be providing the blocks/materials to fix this? What is the Logistics behind paying for these repairs ? I just find it hard to see them all being fixed and then given. so when these homes are given to new players. They should be free to edit/change it as they see fit?
  12. Ataxirilon

    near spawn base repair mission

    That would be awesome idea. but how would u prevent people from griefing it Are you going to claim all these builds ?
  13. Ataxirilon

    Lost Rank

    Thread Closed. - OP has had issues fixed.
  14. Ataxirilon

    tokens didnt get

    Please Make a purchase support ticket for Item refunds/missing items. so that Admins can fix it. and let them know what missions bugged out so we can take a closer look at them. - Thread Closed- - Follow up with a purchase...
  15. Ataxirilon

    Why cant I apply for staff?

    That means simply put you have not fufilled all of the requirements to become a staff member .. in your case i can see its the lack of meaningful posts. Once you meet all the requirements you will be able to post the application. Please be aware post farming does not look good when applying for...
  16. Ataxirilon

    Hope to see you online again soon

    Hope to see you online again soon
  17. Ataxirilon


    Hello @superyoyo99 You may appeal any punishment on Primemc @ This thread will now be closed. Any further appeal should be done on the link above. Good Luck. THREAD CLOSED: Redirected to proper location for Ban appeal
  18. Ataxirilon

    Ik lost my rank

    That is correct. As Unpunishable had mentioned. Try doing /hub then /redeem. You should have been credited for the rank. However, if it is not there it does not mean we are unable to help. Please make a Purchase Support Thread on the forums or a ticket on Discord. There is nothing...
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    Nothing yet has been announced.
  20. Ataxirilon

    How to write your Staff Application

    +1 Should ask Kaos or Sophie to Sticky this guide with staff applications.