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    How the lottery system works.

    Nice to see people explaining to new members how the server works :)
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    Some ideas for more Fun

    i was just wondering if people are having some ideas that u guys would like to see on the server or to have the staff think about it... it doesnt matter what it is but i just think it will maybe help or boost the server. ;) Greetings, SpinningDuxk Discord: SpinningDuck#9480
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    About the server...

    i hope they can work on it for you its always nice for PrimMC to hear the good things but also the bad things about the server
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    About the server...

    Hello, What do you guys think how the server is going rn? I think its not going that bad tbh and i think allot of people do like it. just let comment behind because i just wanna see your guys opinions :D Greets, SpinningDuxk