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  1. GoldBlood05

    Is there any way I can be a helper I been here in this server for years and a lot of people know me and ask for help I always know what to say
  2. GoldBlood05: /Pshop

    Make it so in /pshop we could set a favorite person to buy or sell from that way we don’t have to search for them when selling iron or what ever in bulk
  3. GoldBlood05: Something to save time also smart

    I feel a lot of people would like it and it would be cool to make it so you can put 3 items in /ah but also put in some pending so like I can put in 5 igs in /ah but you can only see 3 of them then when 1 is sold another one pops up like it’s pending I don’t know if you guys will be able to...
  4. GoldBlood05 Thanks Giving

    Thanks Giving Build Battle Also Coupon for prime Store like 50 % of or something also it would be kind of cool if we could sell chickens for more or on Easter